The Legend of Perakee

by Larry Brinkley


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I have told some of where the knowledge of Perakee came from and how it came to me. I told those stories, which are part of the page on this site entitled THE BASICS, on the Simian Discussion Board. Because of the stated purpose of that site I was not able to tell the whole story. The reason I was given the knowledge was on account of my being born with Simian lines. But of the body of knowledge known as the Legend of Perakee, only a small portion pertains specifically to the Simian lines.
Most of the Perakee Tradition could be called simple psychology, or lessons about the right way to live, or views of how humans interact with themselves and each other. The original Perakee viewed folks with Simian lines as having been chosen by the Great Spirit to be leaders among men, not necessarily leaders of men. And so the stories are meant not only to help Perakee find and maintain balance in their own lives, but to help them understand humans in general in order to fulfill obligations in place before they were born.
I think you have already seen this. The stories about the Wells, the Energies, the Colors of the Rainbow, and how Mahakah use their energies differently from Perakee really have nothing to do with the Simian lines, per se, and it was only with the patient indulgence of Larry Rodriguez, who owns the site, that I was able to go into those areas as far as I did. I kept expecting him to pop up and say, "Hey! This site is supposed to be about the Simian lines! If you want to talk about dead Indians, go find your own site!"
The opposite, of course, is what really happened. Not only has Larry R proven to be a kind and patient friend, but a slave driver as well! He encouraged me to build my own site, and if I had known how much work that is, I might have run like hell!:) But the work has been done. And the two months it took me to build this site and get it running have been a very rewarding experience in itself.
But the creation of this site has caused me some sleepless nights for a very different reason. Now, at this point in time, the history of the Legend of Perakee will be changed forever.......
Since the creation of this body of knowledge, for thousands of years if my grandpa was correct, the stories have been passed from mouth to ear. They passed from Perakee to Perakee down our line. The stories were told to people of the village as well as passing strangers. Anyone who wanted to were free to listen to them and use them in their life as they saw fit. Other villages brought their Perakee children to the Bo village to be taught. And when there were more than one Perakee in the village, the younger would travel in search of other villages that could use their help. In this way, the Legend of Perakee was spread all across the Americas.
Now the Legend of Perakee will spread all across the world.
I have passed on bits and pieces of the Legend in poetry and song since 1981. Mostly people would say something like: "I really like that poem!", or "I really like the song!" Sometimes someone would ask what does it mean, and that would give me a chance to expound on where the words came from. Occassionally someone would be pointed out by omens to me, and we would walk together a ways, going deeper and deeper into the knowledge. I always built stories that they could grasp in order to teach them certain things. Calvin is a martial artist, so I built stories of Ninja and Samarai just for him. James is the son of a preacher, so I built stories from the Bible into lessons on Perakee. (This was not hard to do. Because my grandpa was a preacher for 33 years, he translated practically the entire Bible according to Perakee knowledge. He used those stories in his sermons, and he told them to me. Some day I may post some of those stories. I guarantee you will never look at Christianity ( or probably any other religion) quite the same.)
By posting on the world wide web, I will not be able to look into the eyes of those I am talking to. It is kinda like shooting a shotgun toward a noise at night and hoping you hit something. There is no way to determine a person's intent when he emails for more information, or where he is at in his developement. So this indeed may be an exercise in futility. We will walk this path a ways, and if it doesn't work, I can always delete it and fade back into my anonymity.
I spoke to my new found friend about this, and as usual, Larry R's response was apropos: "Larry, you have built a wagon, now get on it and drive. Some people may laugh and throw rocks at it. Some may get on and ride a ways and feel it is a silly wagon and hop off. And some may find great solace in what you have to say. Some day you will look back in spirit form and say: "At least I had the courage to build a wagon!"
I have no idea which direction the stories will take from here. They do have a life of their own. Whether you understand this or not, while my fingers are typing, I also listen as the drama of the stories unfold.
Larry Brinkley
1. In Grandfather's Eyes
2. Grandfather's Love
3. Full Moon Rising
4. The Red Energies
5. The Moon Qualities
6. Endorphine Rush
7. Dominion
8. Dust and Shadow
9. Drive
10. Propriety
11. Order
12. Imagination
13. Guardians  (1-25-05)

My grandpa, J.B.Hoover, was a strange and wonderful man. I remember him as a kind and loving man, a very patient man who loved children. He was a commanding figure who spoke very loud all the time. He was always the center of attention wherever he went. Because bombs exploded close to him in WW1, he was very hard of hearing, and everyone had to yell at him to to get him to understand what they were saying. He had a great belly laugh, and he used it a lot! Because he had been shot in the stomach in the war, he could not control his flatulence, and I remember the humor when he would make funny noises at the most inopportune times. He laughed along with everyone else. There was a carnival atmosphere whenever my grandpa was around.
But there was a dark side to Preacher Hoover. I never saw it, but I sensed it, and I heard many stories of when he was younger. When in repose, his dark eyes always held a smouldering cast. He always seemed to be a man on a mission. Even when on a simple task such as going to check the mail, he looked like a man going to beat the crap out of the mail man! He imposed his will on those around him, especially his family. He said what he meant and meant what he said, and was eager to back his words with argument or fists at any time. He walked the earth afraid of no man. And he brooked no quarter.
My grandpa never talked about his life before I was born. But from stories he told and stories I heard from my parents, my grandmother, and others, I have a good idea of what happened. And I got to know a man who I know only as Brother Hamilton. He was a retired preacher as well, and was probably my grandpa's closest friend. He told me many stories of Preacher Hoover.
In 1921, when my grandpa was 29 years old, he became, for all practical purposes, a White Man Medicine Man....... he became a Methodist minister.
Brother Hamilton once told me: "Your grandpa was the greatest man I ever knew. He was a great preacher. I never tired of listening to him preach. He told stories from the Bible in such a way as I have never heard. When he told stories of Hell, you could smell the brimstone. When he talked of Heaven, he made you wish you were already there. He often looked at the children when he preached, and he told his stories in such simple language that even they could understand."
Another time Brother Hamilton said: "Your grandpa knew the Bible better than any man alive. But the funny thing is..... he never believed a word of it!" When I questioned him further about that, he said: "I don't know. It was just a feeling I always got when I heard him preach. It might have something to do with how he was raised. He was raised by the BoToh Indians, you know. If he had chosen, he could have been a wealthy, wealthy man."
Though he was a preacher, my grandpa hated preachers. He looked at them as servants of the people, not as servants of God. He felt that they were too afraid to tell the Truth, because they did not want to make the congregation angry. For that reason, Preacher Hoover never had a church of his own, but traveled far and wide to preach at tent revivals. He never accepted money for speaking. He would close his sermons by asking a local preacher to lead a prayer, then sneak out while the prayer was going on. I asked my grandma why he did that, and she said: "Because he did not like getting beat up." When I asked who would beat him up, she said:  "The other preachers, of course!"
Preacher Hoover preached far and wide for 33 years. Many people loved him. And many people hated him.
He had 2 children, my mother and her brother. My uncle had 2 children, neither of whom were Perakee. My mother had her first child in 1951, a girl named Elizabeth, who was stillborn. And the doctors said my mother would never be able to have any more children.........
I think my grandpa was terribly torn during this period. He was now 59 years old. He was the Holder of the Knowledge of the Land, a tradition that went back thousands of years. He was bound by tradition to pass it on, but he had no Perakee grandchildren to pass it to. The Bo tribe was gone. Soon he would be gone. And the Knowledge would die with him. He was, in his mind, truly the Last of the Perakee.
But my mother did get pregnant again, and I was born on 18 Feb 54, at 6:50pm, in Nashville, Arkansas. Something happened to my grandpa that night, and he was changed forever. Brother Hamilton was there the night Preacher Hoover preached his last sermon.
"We were at a tent revival in McCaskel. It was a terribly stormy night. Lightning was popping all around, thunder shook the ground, water was running ankle deep through the tent. But nobody left. They were too caught up in the spell your grandpa weaved. He was like a madman possessed. He ran up and down the aisle, splashing water on everyone. We were all soaked, and it was very cold. But no one seemed to notice.
"Preacher Hoover spoke the most powerful sermon of his career that night, certainly the most powerful sermon I ever heard. Then something happened right in the middle of it. Your grandpa was at the podium, about to make the point that all his yelling and raging was building up to. He raised his finger to the heavens, and at that exact moment lightning struck very close. It might have even struck the tent pole, I don't know. But your grandpa froze, his sentence left hanging, his finger still held at arm's length. The electricity went out, but from the brilliant flashes of lightning we could see him standing there. Then, without another word, he walked out into the storm without a backward glance. He never preached again.
"But I saw something else that night, something that I have never told anyone. I am not sure whether it was my imagination or what. But when Preacher Hoover went out of the tent, there was another brilliant flash of lightning. And during that split second before the tent flap closed, I know it sounds silly, but I would swear that there were two Indians standing there in the rain."
The next day my grandpa walked into the nursery at the hospital and, amid angry shouting by the nurses, picked me up, looked at my hands, held me to his breast, fell to his knees, and wept like a baby.......
Over the course of the next few days, Preacher Hoover canceled all his speaking engagements and announced to the world that he had retired. And so I never knew the angry, shouting, raging, fire and brimstone spouting tyrant that he was supposed to have been. I only remember him as a kind, loving, caring, understanding, patient, and very wise man.
Of course, like most of us, I did not come to fully understand and appreciate my grandpa until long after he was gone. I left home at 17 by joining the US Army. I traveled around the world and saw things and did things that helped me see what this world is truly like. I learned to enjoy alcohol. Though I was not really a shy person, I was quiet and soft spoken. A long way from home and all alone among strangers, I simply had nothing to say. But after a few bottles of beer , a few drinks, or half a bottle of wine, I found I knew no strangers. I could interact with these people as if I had known them all my life. And so alcohol, for me, was a tool I used to not feel so all alone. And if it had stopped there, all would have been OK.
But by 1975, my wife began to grow concerned. I was drinking more and more, and spending a big chunk of the little pay I received on drinking. I never got into drugs, but often someone would say: "Hey, try this!" And in an alcoholic haze I tried all sorts of drugs. How I lived through that phase of my life, I will never know.
Then on February 26, 1975, something happened that rocked my world. I don't know if you would call it a near-death-experience or a drug induced vision, but it changed my life forever. I had been out partying with a friend of mine. I got home at 4am. My wife was VERY angry at me, and would not even look at me. I pulled off my clothes and laid down on the bed..... and fell for miles, floating and spinning in lazy circles. A part of me grew very alarmed, while another part of me knew I had died.
I found myself crying bitterly, sitting naked on a flat rock, overlooking the ocean. But the ocean was a pastel orange color. I could see and hear the waves breaking right in front of me. As I looked into the distance, the water looked smooth and shiny, and where its edge met the sky was all blurred, because the sky was the same pastel orange color. I did not know where I was. I only knew that I was not on earth any more. And I was wrought with grief. I had wasted my whole life. I would never get to see my daughter grow up, never tell my wife how much I love and appreciate her, or see my folks again. I was damned ashamed.
Then I noticed a bright blue speck in the distance above the horizon. As I watched, it grew bigger as it floated toward me. When it got close, I saw a man standing in what looked like a pastel blue star. And then I recognized him!!!!!!! I jumped up and wept for joy at seeing him again! I wanted to scream, "Where have you been? Why did you abandon me? Thank god you have come for me!"
I ran to him as he stopped in front of me. I could see him smiling. He reached out to me and I jumped into his arms and gasped his name, "Grandfather!"
We floated away as he comforted me, crying as words rushed out of me, trying to tell him all that had happened since I saw him last, weeping at the joy of being with him again, and at the same time apologizing for having wasted my life and not fulfilling the agreement that I had made with him before I was born. When I had regained a modicum of control, I looked at him and asked: "Grandfather, how is it that I could have fogotten you?!?"
I lived with Grandfather for 30 days. I know it was 30 days. I remember the things we talked about, the sounds of people around us, the sights and smells, spending leisurely days walking through the woods and sleeping at nights, waking and having breakfast with him. And then the day came when he told me I had to go back. I did not want to go, I never wanted to be away from him again. But I knew I had no choice. He told me not to worry, that I would succeed in my task.
And then I woke up. It was 6am, exactly 2 hours after I had laid down on my bed. My wife was still up, and still VERY angry at me for having stayed out drinking all night. I had no hangover, I was wide awake and refreshed. It felt EXACTLY like I had been away on vacation for a month! I apologized to my wife for my behavior and promised it would not happen again. She merely shrugged, she had heard that before.
But my whole life changed. You can ask my wife today, and she will tell you I am not the same person I was before Feb 26, 1975. She is still with me, and she remembers the first 4 years of our marriage with bitterness. I have never done any drugs since then, and did not touch a drop of alcohol for 15 years. I only now have a drink or two with friends, like when the band plays at a bar.
My life was a confused mess for years after that vision. I had to find ways to live without alcohol. I had to get my temper in check. A part of me knew that I had to balance my energies at all costs. At that time, I had not connected that vision with the stories of Perakee that I had been told in childhood. I began an all-consuming quest to understand what the vision had tried to teach me. I read thousands of books, on everything from psychology to ancient wisdom religions. Nowhere could I find the answers I sought.
By the time I got out of the military in 1978, my grandpa was gone. And any answers he might have been able to give me were lost. My life at that time consisted of working and raising my family, and studying at night when everyone had gone to bed and the TV and radio were off. I read voraciously. I KNEW things! But I did not know how I knew them. And it was driving me crazy......
Out of desperation I moved my family to Houston, TX in 1980. Obstensbly, the reason was to get a better paying job. But I felt that if I could talk to people who were living the things I had only read about, I might be able to put some pieces together. I went everywhere I could find people gathered to learn more about Wicca, Satanism, New Age, Eckankar, Neodruidism, Native American ideals, Yoga, Tao, Islam, Christianity, Bhuddism....ANYTHING that would help at all in uncovering what I was feeling inside or where it might be coming from!
I finally joined the Rosicrucians- AMORC. They did not claim to know the answers, but they claimed to know how to help folks find their own answers. And in that, they partially helped me where no one else could, though they themselves may never understand that. I will not violate any of their secrets, but I will say that they have some of the most beautiful rituals I have ever seen. It was during one such ritual, on 26 May, 1982, that I received a second vision that changed my life. The ritual only lasts fifteen minutes, but in my visionary state, hours passed.
I found myself floating hundreds of miles above the Earth, directly above Houston. I could see the cities of the United States, their streetlights making them glow, or so I thought at first. I saw tiny points of light leave hundreds of places and make their way to the cities. I saw a point of light meander toward Houston, and I recognized the light as me. With each tiny point of light that reached a city, the city seemed to glow a little brighter until a few of those cities began to pulse brilliantly, like a heartbeat.
I also noticed that there was a second type of glow, a barely glowing heartbeat that seemed to be barely alive. It pulsed very faintly red instead of white like the cities. It appeared to be located at the Arkansas Diamond Mine, about 3 miles from where I grew up.
Then I began to see the same points of light leave the cities and go back to where they came from, each much brighter than when they came to the city. And where they stopped, smaller lights were established. I saw a light that I recognized as me slowly meander its way back to Arkansas. And then the faintly glowing red heartbeat began to beat more powerfully when I made contact with it.
Then I snapped back to reality. I did not know what it meant, and I had no intention at that time of ever moving back to Arkansas. I was making a LOT of money in the oilfield, and my family was happy. But I got laid off within a week of that vision. Not only me, but 60 thousand people got laid off that same week! There were few jobs available after that, and thousands of people were lined up to try for those jobs. I went from 6000 dollars a month income to 600 dollars a month unemployment. By August our savings were depleted. We had no choice but to move back home.
I did not know why the Spirit wanted me back in Arkansas. But that it did so was unquestionable. I bought a trailer house and put it on the back side of a 12 acre lake on my mom's property. Everyone locally knows the history of this lake, which we called the Hoover Pond. In the middle of the lake is a spring. The Bo tribe lived around this spring. In 1950, my grandpa had a dam put across the creek that led from this spring. The water backed up so that it flooded the area where the Bo village was.
For months after we moved into our trailer, I felt a vague uneasiness. I knew the vision in Houston told me the answers to what I sought, but I could not figure it out. From our front yard, I could feel something pulling me from the northwest. I got a county map and found that the Arkansas Diamond Mine is in the direction from which I felt pulled. So I spent a year looking around the mine every chance I got, talking to people there, searching in and around the park. I found nothing.
I then found that also northwest of my house is the Kadoha Indian Village. (Both the Arkansas Diamond Mine and Kadoha have their own sites, if you want to look them up.) I spent a year or so hanging around Kadoha, talking to the owner, Sam Johnson, and the manager of the site, Clifton Crews. Still I found nothing that even remotely helped quell the uneasiness within me.
Then in 1987 things changed. A man named Jay moved to Murfreeboro, my home town, and took work as a cook at the Timbers restaurant in town. He was a quiet man, but an excellent chef. I often stopped at the Timbers on my way home from work to drink a quiet cup of coffee and relax before going home. I began to notice Jay staring at me from the kitchen, though he never spoke to me at first. Finally one day he brought out a meal and placed it in front of me and sat down. I told him I did not order that, and he said it was a mistake and he was too full to eat it, so he gave it to me. I thought that was weird, since we were the only ones in the restaurant at the time.
Jay always came out and sat with me after that, though we seldom talked. I just thought the guy was gay or something, but he seemed harmless enough. Even Dick, the owner of the restaurant, commented to me that I was the only one Jay ever talked to. This went on for months. Then one day I found a copper penny minted in 1941. I showed it to Jay that afternoon. When I handed it to him, it fell out of our grasp. We looked for half an hour for the penny, moving our chairs and table to look, everyone in the restaurant helped us look, to no avail. When we had given up and sat back down at our table, I saw the penny laying on Jay's right shoe, trapped by his shoelaces. I knew it was an omen, the Spirit was trying to show me something. I changed my focus and looked at Jay. For a few moments I saw, instead of Jay, an old Indian medicine man sitting in front of me. And Jay saw me as someone else too.
He said: "You are the one I have been looking for. I thought you were, but now I am sure." And then he told me one of the most interesting stories I have ever heard.
He said he grew up in Arizona. His father's land bordered the White Mountain Apache reservation. I don't know what town he was close to or anything. His father told him to NEVER, NEVER go into the reservation. But as he grew into a teenager, he violated his father's orders and went onto the forbidden land many times. He meant no harm, he simply had a child's curiosity of the unknown. He wandered for miles and never saw anything of anyone in that area for years. He thought that if it WAS a reservation, the Indians must have left.
One night during a full moon, he saw a glow coming from behind some rocks. He very quietly approached the glow, hiding from rock to rock, until he could see that it was a campfire of an old, old Indian. Jay was ecstatic, for this was the first time in years that he had seen anyone at all on the Indian land. He was also frightened, because his father had told him that the Indians would kill him if they ever caught him there. Just as he was about to turn and leave, the old Indian looked straight at him. Jay fled terrified for his life. But nothing happened. Months later, after he had convinced himself it was all a dream, he went back. This time the Indian was waiting for him and grabbed him from behind while he was peering over a rock at the fire. Jay was so frightened he passed out. When he wakened, the Indian was gone, and no trace of a campfire.
Over a year passed before he went back. Each time was a full moon. He said he would feel as if something was calling him, though it was not an audible sound. The old Indian was waiting for him, standing by the fire and smiling at him. He went to the fire and they sat together for hours. Jay said he went back many times over the course of 4 years. No words were ever spoken between them, but Jay swears communication took place. He began to know things, to see things, to understand things for which there were no words. At the last meeting between them, in 1986, Jay said he felt the words inside his head: "I can teach you no more. You must find the Land of the Talking Wood. Only there will you find your answers."
Jay had no idea what or where this Land of the Talking Wood was. He merely left home hitchiking, go wherever a ride took him, knowing only that the Land of the Talking Wood was his final destination, and trusting that the Spirit would take him there. He said, "I still don't know what it is, but I feel I am soooo close!"
I sat dumbfounded as Jay told his story, but I was deeply shocked when he said the last. I had not heard anyone speak of the Land of Talking Wood since I was a child, and then only by my grandpa. Finally I said simply, "I know where the Land of theTalking Wood is. Come when you are ready." I got up and left.
That night when Jay got off work at midnight, he came to my house. I don't know how he knew where I lived. I never told him. We walked out into the yard and talked for awhile. I was now very curious about a lot of things Jay had said. But he would not answer. He kept looking around, sniffing the air. Then he said, "What is in that direction?", and he pointed toward the northwest. At that exact moment I distinctly heard SOMETHING call my name! I said, "Well, let's go look." He led the way unerringly to a knoll that my grandpa called Taloh's Tomb in the Graveyard of the Ancient Toltecs beside the Creek Where the Water Runs Red inside the Land of the Talking Wood.
Neither of us spoke. There was no need. I felt the exact same thing at that moment as I had felt in the vision in 1975: an overwhelming awe, a sense of coming home at last, and I felt myself wondering, "Grandfather! How could I have forgotten you!?!"
We sat silently for hours, each lost in our own thoughts.When we got back to my house, it was dawning in the east. Jay left without a word. When next I went to the Timbers a few days later, Dick said he had quit his job and went to Houston, saying something about visiting his brother. I never saw or heard from Jay again. I don't know if he found his answers.
But I found mine. I went almost nightly into the Graveyard over the course of the next 5 years.  It took me 30 years of questing all over the world to learn what we all must learn for ourselves: The answers to all our questions are inside ourselves. They can only found in Grandfather's Eyes............

All men make contact with Grandfather at some point in their lives. ( I use the word "men" to refer to all mankind, and that includes women too.) And they always remember the experience. Millions of stories have been told of this experience, in a myriad of ways. Each person tells the story in his own vernacular. Great religions and schools of thought have been built around these experiences. And it is the great folly of men to feel that they are special because of this contact, that they are one of the chosen few, that their vision is better or greater than anyone else's vision, and to feel that they are the only one who knows Truth and that everybody else is blind.
In previous posts, I have told of the great struggle that goes on inside all Perakee that lasts from the age of 17 to the age of 29. This struggle begins at the age of 17 for Mahakah, but never quite comes to a conclusion. For them, it goes on for the remainder of their lives, or at least until one side loses its power and the other side wins by default. What is this fight all about? What are the Red and Blue energies, the Emotions and the Intellect, fighting for? What, exactly, is the Prize?
The Perakee concluded that the emotional side of Man and the rational side of Man are vying for Grandfather's love.
In the body of knowledge known as Perakee, the word "grandfather" is used to personify the instinctive side of Man, or what could be called Racial Memory. The Perakee called this the Yellow energies.
My grandpa taught me, through his stories, that when Man was first created, he was nothing but another animal, living exclusively by his Yellow energies. He ate, slept, mated, and generally just survived by Instinct alone for perhaps millions of years. Nothing else mattered to him. Slowly the Blue energies began to develope. Man began to understand the connections between things, the physical consequences of his actions. "If I do that, this happens! Wow! Neato!!"
The earliest developments of Man's rudimentary Intellect were fire, weapons, tools, clothing, artificial caves, harvesting, language, and banding together for protection. For perhaps another million years Man learned the basics of artificially munipulating his world. He no longer lived at the whimsy of nature. It is exactly the rise of the Blue energies in Man that made him truly the lord of the earth. And if it had stopped there, perhaps all would have been well.....
Not long after the Blue energies began to rise, the Red energies began to develope too. The original Perakee saw that the Red energies are a direct consequence of the Blue energies. My grandpa explained it: "When Man rose to the point of being the lord ever all the animals of earth, he failed to understand that he himself is an animal. Only when Man can become the lord over himself will he has risen to his rightfull place on Earth. Only when all men can find balance within themselves will there be balance on earth. As long as he is fighting within himself, the fighting spills out to those around him..... his family, his friends, his village, his country, his world, and even into the stars if he ever reaches them! Not only does Man suffer, but the Earth as well, and all who live upon it."
My grandpa, being a Methodist minister as well as the Holder of the Knowledge of the Land, often mixed stories from the Bible with the stories of Perakee. He equated the seven Red energies of man with the seven deadly sins: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth. He also equated them with the seven fallen angels of Revelations. He looked at the story of the twins Jacob and Esau as being the story of the rise of the Red and Blue energies.
With the rise of the Red energies, Man became Man's worst enemy. More suffering has been caused by Man through war, rape, murder, stealing, adultory, divorce, and abortion in the name of happiness, freedom, religion, greed, caste, and politics than all natural catastrophes combined!
In the Tradition of Perakee, the Red and Blue energies are looked at as transitory and fleeting. The Intellect is generational, each new generation building upon the last, finding different ways to understand the world and meet the people's needs. The Emotions are looked at as changing from day to day, often from moment to moment, to reflect the immediate needs of each person. As each person dies, his Life Force flows back into the earth to be cleansed of all but new knowledge. Almost everything we think we have learned in this life has been learned before. And it is all held in sacred trust by Racial Memory, or what the Perakee called the Yellow energies.
This Yellow energy of Man, the Racial Memory or Instinct, is millions of years old, and was called Grandfather by the Perakee.
The Perakee Tradition says that the fight between the Red and Blue energies is stupid and ignorant, a tremendous waste of personal energy. Nonetheless, it is a precondition of humans at this stage of their development. But instead of a life-long struggle, it should be a normal part of the maturation process, like acne or breast development in women. By the time a person is 29 years old, he should be able to relegate the Emotions and Intellect to their proper positions, allow the Wisdom of ages to rise and incorporate that into an amalgamated whole so that the individual can get on with completing the task agreed on before birth.
The Red and Blue energies have yet to understand that they are nothing compared to the Yellow energies. Though they number seven, the same as the Red and Blue, the bulk of the Yellow energies is massive. My grandpa explained it: "The Red and Blue energies fighting over Grandfather are like two fleas fighting over who owns the dog they are living on. Like two ants fighting over the priviledge of raping an elephant. Like two countries fighting over who owns the Earth. No matter who wins, it will not change the course of history. The dog will still scratch and bite the flea that "owns" him; the elephant will never "feel" raped no matter what the ant is thinking; and the Earth will still revolve around the Sun no matter which country wins the assinine struggle for world superiority.
Everyone has grandparents, though some may have never known them. We each are the product of millions of generations. And so we each have had countless "grandparents". What did your grandparents think of you? What do you think of when you think of your children and your children's children? Or have you ever given them any thought at all........
You will be someone's grandparent some day. Then someone's great-grand parent, then someone's great-great-grandparent, etc, etc. What legacy will you leave for them? Will it be bitterness and prejudice, pettiness and demoralization, anger and greed, war and rumors of war? Or will it be selfless acceptance and happiness, peace and joy, thankfulness and hope, wisdom and balance? The choice is yours. All yours.
It is in this vein that the Perakee looked upon the Yellow energies of Man. They are the Wisdom of a million generations of our grandparents. Through their eyes we can see the struggle that brought us to this place in history: the climbing out of the seas to live on land, standing upright to walk on two legs, the endless fear of living in dark caves and hoping the predators don't eat our children, the marvel of the discovery of fire and weapons to protect us from the cold and dangers of an often seemingly hideous and hostile world, the rise of great civilizations, exploration, and conquest. And by turning our gaze forward, we can see where we may end up a million years from now!
We first have to get through this phase or our evolution.

We first have to get through this phase or our evolution......
Few people can even conceive the import of such a statement. Most of us have some concept of history. And in a vague, abstract sort of way we have a hazy view of the future. But it takes a very balanced person indeed to understand that his generation is just another rung on the evolutionary ladder.
There was a moment in time when we, as a race, felt the Pierce of the Earth Arrow. Forces beyond our comprehension brought all the pieces together and at a certain point, when everything was perfect, we were transformed from inanimate object to living being. MAGIC! And Mankind was born....
The first five years of Man were the untold aeons when he lived in his Yellow energies. He had only to live, to grow, to learn about his new world. He lived solely by his Instincts. The next twelve years of his life were when the Red and Blue energies began to rise. Mankind struggled for countless generations, being pulled constantly by the forces of Intellect and Emotion. Finally, like a child at the age of seventeen, Man left his Earth parent behind, and ventured into the world to sink or swim on his own.
According to Perakee, Mankind is now between the ages of 17 and 29.....
experiencing the battle that we all face inside each of us between the Red and Blue energies in our third period. And, just like on a personal level, no one can say who will win the fight.
If the Blue energy of Man wins, our children and children's children will live in a totalitarian state of One World Government. Big Brother will be everywhere, making sure that no one breaks the Law. There will be no personal freedom.
If the Red energy of Man wins, our children and children's children will live in a state of world chaos much like Europe of the Middle Ages. The world government will be a One World Religion. Big Brother will be everywhere, making sure no one breaks the Law. There will be no personal freedom.
Neither scenario is preferable. No matter which one wins, they will always be Sleeping With the Enemy. And sooner or later the defeated energy will find a way to rise up and destroy the dictator, and the world of Man will be destroyed again. And it will be another 15,000 years before it recovers enough to make another bid.
The Perakee say it has happened five times before. The last time Man rose to the point of becoming a world tribe it was called the Toltec Empire. Some accounts call it Atlantis. And some call the world tribe before that one 'Lemuria'. Other cycles have been called things like 'Mu' and 'Thule'.
But each time the same thing happened. Either the Red energies of Man or the Blue energies of Man won and became a Tyrant. In most cases, the Red energies won and the world became ruled by a priesthood.....
Within this cycle of our developement there have been several regional civilizations. And we only need to study them to see what happened and why they failed.
Egypt rose to great heights only to succumb to the Red energies. Great priesthoods ruled. The people were enslaved, but the priests lived as gods. A statue has been uncovered which portrayed a great hero, a man whose only claim to fame was that he was never even once flogged in public.
Greece rose to great heights only to succumb to the Blue energies of Man. A powerful form of government called Democracy was developed at that time. The aristocracy grew weary of running the mundane affairs of its citizens, so it allowed the people to 'govern' themselves while retaining the true reins of power.
Rome rose to great heights only to succumb to the Blue energies. As in Greece, law after law was passed until finally the people lost all freedom. The citizens were expected to govern their mundane affairs while the Caesars lived like gods. Policemen and soldiers and spies everywhere ensured that the commoners would obey what they were told, and the citizens were treated like chattle.
The Holy Roman Empire rose to great heights, based initially on the teachings of Jesus, only to succumb to the Red energies of Man. Everything Intellectual was ruthlessly suppressed. Scientists and physicians were burned on the slightest provocation. All who even thought differently than Church Canon were slaughtered.
These four examples show what happened when the Red and Blue energies won and became the dominant force over a few million people. It is no wonder that doomsayers look at the future then kill themselves in a fit of depression. If either scenario is allowed to be played out on a global scale, the world of our children and childrens' children will be dark, indeed.
My grandpa saw the development of many new things during his lifetime: electricity, the automobile, airplanes, rockets, nuclear energy, radio, television. And yet, he insisted that these things were not new. "All these things have been discovered five times before!"
When I questioned his sanity, he explained: "We are the 6th race of Man. Each one before discovered ways to use the earth's energies, and so have we. It is a natural consequence of the Yellow energies rising in Mankind. What we do with it is totally up to us. If we learn to balance our energies, we will use the Earth's gifts wisely to help all people everywhere. If we allow the Red or Blue energies to run roughshod over the others, we will destroy ourselves again.
"Much of what happens will depend on Perakee all over the earth. As each one brings his own energies into balance, he will be a balancing influence in his own area. And if enough of them can do this, it may be all that is necessary."
For many years I could not accept what my grandpa had said about ancient civilizations. His assertions that everything we think of as modern inventions had been used thousands of years ago seemed utterly fantastic. Until I began to read about things all over the earth that defy explanation: the Pyramids (of Egypt, China, and Central America), Easter Island, the temples of Balbeck and Titicaca, evidence of Leyden jars and copper wires in Mesopotamia, the list could go on and on.
It has been estimated that 9 million men, women, and children were killed when the Full Moon rose in the hearts of men during the Middle Ages. And that was in Europe, a small area when compared to the rest of the Earth. Today, with so-called modern technology, the Full Moon rising in the hearts of men will have a global impact. It will make the Middle Ages look like a backyard bar-b-que.......

Everyone has a dream. For some it may be to own a quiet tavern some day, where they can sit quietly among friends and while away the hours. Some maybe would like a chihuahua farm somewhere in the backhills of Tennesse. Me? I always wanted to be a standup comedian.
My heroes will forever be Mark Twain and Will Rogers. They were humorists. But they were far more than that. Their 'humor' consisted of telling the plain simple truth about the comings and goings of their fellow men, and about themselves as well. Their directness was disarming, their wit and wisdom penetrating, their irony so subtle that it takes no modicum of intelligence to comprehend.
But most successful comedians fall into the same category. Unless humor is based on truth, it simply is not funny. It is precisely the element of truth simplified or overblown that causes it to be called humor.... especially truth that is not embraced by established authority. There are things that everybody knows except the experts!
"We got the best Congress money can buy!" --- Will Rogers
"If you play music to your clams they will lie quietly."--- Mark Twain
"Send food to the starving people in Africa?!? You oughta send em a U-Haul and tell em to move!" --- Source Unknown
"Why can't we say shit, piss, and fuck in polite company?? Everyone does them. Even God fucked Mary. And He has to get rid of all that food and wine that is sacrificed to Him SOME way. Or maybe that is why He is so full of Wrath.....He's been constipated for 65 billions years! --- Lenny Bruce (paraphrased)
Maybe the reason I respect comedians so much is that they are the only ones who can tell Truth and not be criticized for it. If a preacher does it, he is 'stepping on toes', and it makes people feel uncomfortable. If politicians do it, they kill their career, because no one will vote for them. If experts do it, they lose all respect of their peers in their chosen field, and their grant monies dry up.
Humor is a function of the Red energies of Man, just like Wisdom is a function of the Yellow energies of Man, and science is a function of the Blue energies of Man.
The Yellow energies are relatively easy to understand: If a newborn baby were somehow dropped off on a deserted island, the chances of his survival would be slim to none. But IF he survives, then there are certain things he has to accomplish..... and you and I know EXACTLY what those things would have to be. He would have to eat food, drink water, breathe, remain free of accident and disease, and find shelter from nature and predators. Simple. So very simple. It does not take much for Man to survive at an instinctual level. And no one has to teach you these things. They come naturally.
The Blue energies are likewise relatively easy to understand: As the child on the desert island grows older, his Blue energies begin to rise. He begins to figure things out on his own. He discovers more efficient ways to gather and store food and water. He begins to experiment with different plants to find which taste good and which don't. He begins to look critically at the world around him to see how to better use his time and survive in a better way.
But the Red energies of Man seem to be beyond comprehension: Soon his Red energies begin to rise. He gets angry when things don't work the way he thinks they should. He feels frustrated when something beyond his control interferes with his goals. He feels happy when things are going his way and depressed when they are not. These are what the Red energies were designed for: To push us into being better, more efficient, more practical, smarter in our dealings with the world around us, becoming greater than the sum of our parts.
But then one day the Reds take on a totally different aspect. The boy sees a monkey with a stash of bananas, and he begins to think: " will take me hours to climb all those trees and get my own bananas. Or...... I can just take that monkey's bananas and save myself hours of work!" So he picks up a rock and kills the monkey, and takes the bananas home well satisfied with what he has done.
A month later cannibals come to the island and cook the boy for supper. What he was never to know was: The monkey had been his friend, and would have warned him of the cannibals..... had he still been alive to do so.
The moral of the story? Well, gee whiz, guys! The moral of the story is everything every religion, every philosophy, every school of thought since the world began has been trying to tell us! "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."--- Jesus; "As you go through life, if you can't help your brother, at least please don't hurt him."--- the Dalai Lama; "As ye sow, ye shall reap."--- the Law of Karma; "Stop being lazy and go get your own damned bananas!"--- Larry Brinkley
But these things have been talked about in a myriad of ways, hashed and rehashed, through parable after parable, and law upon law has been passed to force us to live together. To what avail? We, once again, stand upon the brink of self destruction.........
It does not take Wise Ones from the Bo tribe of the Caddo to tell us these things. But what the Perakee CAN do is explain WHAT they are. Then, perhaps, we can start taking steps to balance them before they get totally out of control...... again.
The Red energies of Man are the core of everything that is rotten in Man.
The Red energies of Man are the core of everything that is good in Man.
No, there are not three and a half 'good' Red energies and three and a half 'bad' Red energies. And, no, there is not a positive and negative side to each of the seven Red energies.
The exact same impulse that made Jesus sacrifice himself in an effort to create a better world, also made Adolf Hitler slay 6 million Jews in an effort to create a better world..... Each looked around and saw unhappiness and bitterness in the world, identified what they thought was causing it, and dedicated their lives to eradicating it. Neither succeeded. But because Jesus blamed the chaos on the internal problems of mankind and Hitler blamed the problems on the Jews, one is loved and the other is hated. Each did what they thought was right and good for mankind.
No person on earth feels that he himself is evil or bad, and would be offended if you called him such; indeed, he could logically and rationally justify himself for calling YOU evil for calling HIM evil! Each person views certain things to be for the betterment of Man and each person views certain things to be for the detriment of Man. Each struggles to support the things he considers good. And each person struggles against what he considers bad. Each acts according to his own nature and bent. If his views agree with yours, you consider him a 'good' person. If his views disagree with yours, then you consider him to be an 'evil' person.
The Perakee understood this particular facet of human behavior, and called it, as it might be in English, the God Consciousness, or perhaps Christ Consciousness, of Man. It is the same thing that many of us would call Free Will.
My grandpa felt that the most inspired verse in the bible was: The sons of God mated with the daughters of men.
The story that he gave my brother and me to explain what he was talking about ran something like this:
The Great Spirit came into being. No one knows how or when or why. He lived all alone for untold aeons. There was nothing in his world. No happiness, no joy, no color, nothing. And he grew bored.
And so he created the heavens. He was very pleased. He now had something to do. He now had light and color in his world. For untold aeons he watched the stars and planets and moons go round and round and round. And then he grew bored.
And so he created the Earth. He loved colors, so he made blue seas, green forests, brown and purple mountains, orange and yellow butterflies, red and white flowers. And he loved motion, so he created all manner of animals to frolick the Earth and he made the wind to blow the trees and grass and seas. He spent untold aeons creating new life forms, until all the earth and oceans and skies were filled up. He especially enjoyed watching the babies. So when he ran out of room to puts new things, he created disease and death. That way there would always be enough life force to make new babies.
But then he finally got bored with that. So he talked to the Earth and said: "I need something to cheer me up. I need a new life form that will never be boring, always changing. I love everything I have done, but it is so orderly. Year after year it is always the same. I need humor. But I have run out of ideas."
And so the Earth, wanting to please the Great spirit, thought and thought and thought, trying to think of something that would bring humor into the Great Spirit's life. He wrestled with the idea of humor for many years, trying to figure out exactly what it is. Finally he came to understand that humor is the element of surprise, never being able to know ahead of time what will happen, thinking one had it all figured out, and then something totally unexpected happening. "Hmm.....," thought the Earth, "how do I create such a thing? Do I make it a plant? No, plants move too slow. I will create a new animal. But how do I infuse it with humor?"
And then an idea came to the Earth. At first, it was too outlandish an idea to even be seriouly contemplated. But the more he thought about it, the funnier it seemed. And so, since he wanted it to be a surprise, he waited til the Great Spirit was on the other side of the universe to make his new creation..... giggling the whole time, nervously anticipating the look on the Great Spirit's face when he saw what the Earth had done.
The Earth took the highest form of life on earth at that time, a monkey, who was pregnant, but before the baby had come to life. He waited until the mother was distracted, when the baby was totally unprotected, and then he shot an arrow of Earth Energy from the deepest Well into the baby. This Well was from where the Earth itself drew Its own Water. And so when the baby was born, it was half monkey and half god.......
And when the Great Spirit returned to the Earth, he looked at the hairless baby, and then he said to the Earth: "Oh, my. What have you done??"
The Earth was giggling hysterically, trying very hard not to laugh. Between fits of mirth, he said: "I made you a new animal, one that will bring humor into your life! It has the body of an animal, and the mind of a god. It will have the ablity to see things, but he will lack the power to do anything about it! He will know things, but he will lack the ability to explain it! He will always feel that he can change the perfect world that you created and make it better! He will forever chase after his own folly!"
"How did you do this??" asked the Great Spirit.
The Earth, still giggling uncontrolably, said: "I infused an animal with the Red Energies.......and now each one will think it is a god!"
And so the Great Spirit sat back and watched these new animals called Man, never knowing what they would do next, and laughed his ass off as they did the silliest, most unexpected things, constantly doing the wrong thing over and over, never learning from their mistakes.
And now the Great Spirit has humor in His life.

The Earth, of course, is the most prevailing force in our lives. If it were to suddenly disappear, we would die. All life as we know it would instantly disintegrate. The Earth is our home. It gives us life. It sustains us. Our continued existance, without a doubt, is totally dependent upon Its whims. The Earth energies are our physical bodies, without which nothing else would make sense.
If the Sun were to suddenly disappear, we would probably die. Maybe not right away. The Earth would hold its heat for a while, at least. But I am sure we would sooner or later freeze. We would eventually run out of breathable air because, as I understand it, plants use sunlight to create oxygen through a process called photosynthesis. But it is remotely possible that science and technology could create and manufacture some type of suit or dome that would keep at least some of us alive as the temperatures plummeted, and that could artificially create oxygen for us to breathe. And of course we have been eating plastics for years already.
But what if the Moon suddenly disappeared? What if it one day said, "I am tired of this crap!" and then just wandered off in search of another planet to orbit for a few aeons? Well, I don't think life on Earth would die out. Of course a few religionists would use the excuse to pour gasoline on themselves and set themselves on fire while screaming, "The end is near!" And our lives would be severely disrupted for a few generations til we got used to not having the subtle pull of the Moon. Plant and animal behavior would change as well, but I am sure they could adapt. Large bodies of water would have to find new ways to amuse themselves. Guys would have to come up with new pickup lines: "Hay! If the moon was still here, this would be a Full Moon, a perfect night for making love!" Lunatics would probably be confused for awhile: "Alright guys! Are going to act crazy tonight or what??" Wolves would have to find another excuse to howl, babies would be born willynilly, poets would have to find another word that rhymes with 'tune', and I guess werewolves would starve to death. And in a few generations experts would argue over whether there ever WAS a Moon or not.
But the biggest change that we would probably notice is in the area of human behavior. It is in this vein that the Perakee called the Red energies the 'Moon Qualities of Man'.
Whether or not we feel a particular emotion at any given time is in no way life threatening, nor is it life sustaining...... but the resultant behavior certainly is! What possible difference could it make if little Susie wants to wear mismatched socks to school? You will not die if you go grocery shopping butt naked in the summertime. You will not live a minute longer if you buy a snazzy sports car that sits lower to the ground, with dual glove compartments, twice pipes, and orange and purple tuck-and-roll leather interior. If your wife wants to go have a wild sexual romp with that hunk down the street for a couple hours, why, EXACTLY, should you care, as long as she is back in time to fix dinner? And, you know, your crops will not fail if 16 flaming faggots crawl into a Volkswagen and pull a daisy chain on your front lawn. And most of us figure out that masturbation does NOT cause blindness. ("Hey, Mom, can I just do it until I need glasses??")
(I am not advocating anything here, guys. I am just trying to make a point.)
My grandpa told me: "90 percent of all energy available to humans is wasted as a direct result of the Moon qualities. Most women spend more money on cosmetics than they do on food for their children. The money spent on swimwear alone would feed most countries in the world. It is precisely this type of thinking that has caused the imbalance of the world of Man. When a man cares more about the length of his penis than he does about whole families starving to death, something is terribly, terribly wrong....."
Fully fifty percent of the body of knowledge known as Perakee deals with the Moon qualities of Man, which arise from the Red energies.
The Energies are neutral in themselves, like electricity or gasoline. When you run energy through different substances, it transforms into different qualities, and each of these different qualities has varying by-products, which can be used for different functions. For example, if you run electricity through a light bulb, it changes into the quality of Light. A by-product of Light is Color. A Function of Color is the ablity to distinguish objects.
(Hmm...... you're starting to sound a little wacko, dude!)
OK, let's start over. There are an untold number of energies in the Universe. Some of those energies, probably a tiny number of the total number available, are used by the Earth to maintain and sustain Itself. The Earth uses a certain portion of Its available energy to sustain Life on the earth. A certain portion of that energy is used by Man.
There may be millions of energies used by Man in various ways, but the Perakee only identified 23 of them for teaching purposes. The energies used by Man to uphold his physical body were called the Earth Energies, or the Black Energies. No one knows how many we actually use to sustain us. The energies used to bring us to life and keep us alive were called the Life Force, or White Energies. Again, no one knows exactly how many energies it takes to us to 'be alive'.
Between Earth Energy, which could be called Inanimate Object, and Life Force, which could be called Pure Energy, there are 21 shades of energy used by Man to be what we are. The seven Yellow energies have more Earth Energy than Life Force. The seven Blue energies are about half Earth Energy and half Life Force. And the seven Red energies are more Life Force, and have very little Earth Energy.
The Perakee say this is why Man has such a hard time understanding the Red energies. We can see, taste, feel, hear, and smell solid objects. Therefore, we can more readily understand the Yellow energies, and to a large degree understand the Blue energies. Since we can understand them better, they are more functional to us. We have learned to use them to great advantage.
But the Red energies are a whole 'nother ball of wax.
Mahakah are Perceivers. Since they cannot feel, taste, smell, hear, or see the Red energies, they simply do not exist to Mahakah. And that causes them to be totally at the mercy of their emotions. When a person does not understand emotion, he does not know where emotion comes from, he does not know why he feels a particular emotion, and therefore he has no choice but to refuse to take responsibilty for his emotions. He justifies his emotion by blaming other people or circumstances for his emotions. And other Mahakah, just as ignorant about emotion, nod their heads wisely and agree that it is not his fault that he is feeling that emotion.
People born with Simian lines, according to my grandpa, are fully capable of understanding the Red energies. It is precisely this ability that sets us apart from all others. It does not make us better or wiser or anything else. Mahakah have abilities that we don't. Neither is better or worse. They help keep us grounded. We help them understand that there is more to Life than what is on the surface.
Like light passing through a prism, Life Force separates into Its myriad qualities as it passes through man. The by-products of the Red spectrum of energy are emotions. As you learn constructive uses for these Qualities, they become fully functional in your life. And you will no longer be swayed by the by-products, Emotions, like a leaf at the mercy of the winds.
I am going to give a list of words that I use to name the Lunar Qualities of Man. My grandpa never gave me such a list, and I may be doing a grave disservice. I think maybe the reason the Perakee used colors to name the energies is because colors remain the same through the ages, and are probably consistant throughout the lands of the Earth. The words I use may not make a bit of sense when translated into your own particular vernacular. I therefore strongly encourage you to make your own list. My list is for instructional purposes only, and may change as I grow.
I call the Moon Qualities of the Red energies of Man: Domination, Dominion, Battle, Drive, Propriety, Order, and Imagination.
Domination is the Quality of Man that causes him to feel he must be in control of his surroundings at all times.
Dominion is the quality that causes Man to feel he is unique, in control of himself at all times, that he will live forever, if not in the physical body, then in the Happy Hunting Grounds, Valhala, Reincarnation, Heaven, etc. Even Hell, for getting stuck in the ass with a pitchfork every time he bends over for eternity is preferable to simply going POOF!
Battle is the quality that causes Man to feel he must be at odds with someone or something at all times, always in conflict, even if it is imaginary. If there is no direct antagonist in front of him at the moment, he invents one: non-smokers think smokers stink, the wealthy feel contempt for the poor, Brutus hates Popeye, etc.
Drive is the quality that causes Man to feel he must strive toward accomplishing something at all times, he must be DOING, even if that Doing appears to be nothing. "I work hard, I play hard, and I sit down hard!"
Propriety is the quality that causes Man to feel that his insights are the correct ones, that he is always right and blameless, and that all others are wrong. If an act gives a man an endorphine rush, he simply cannot understand why the same act might make another man sick at his stomach, and vice versa. "If I ain't up to it, I'm agin it!"
Order is the quality that causes Man to at all times feel that he knows everything, and forces him to seek agreement from others, or validation. "That's the way God made it, and you can't argue with that!"
Imagination is the quality of Man to be able to see what is not there: what could be and what was; his memories, his dreams, his aspirations, his fears; and, perhaps his greatest function of all, his creativity.
All these qualities could be called attributes of the Supreme Being, whatever you conceive It to be: All knowing, All-wise, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnificent, Blameless, and All-moving.
Each of us as Human feels these things within ourselves. It has caused some problems. But we have had some fun a long the way, too. In many ways we have come a long way. In many ways we have not come far at all. And, I think, people will look back at us some day and think, "Boy, were those guys primitive!"


"Men go to war because men like to go to war."--- General George Patton
It feels good to win, whether it is a game of solitaire or the game of life. And it leaves you feeling rotten when you lose. Everyone loves a winner, everyone hates a loser. "Winners never quit, quitters never win."
Multiply the feeling you have from a successful sexual encounter about a million times and you will have some idea what it feels like to walk away from mortal combat. I know. I have been there.
I have talked to a lot of combat soldiers, and they all say the same things. They may talk about how rotten war is when in the company of men who have never experienced war. But in their hearts they know, and if they trust you enough they will tell you, it is the 'ultimate high' to be able to walk away from an enemy lying dead at your feet......
There is a popular song recorded by the Everly brothers called THE OLD HIPPY. It is about a guy who was drafted and sent to Vietnam after high school. There is an intriguing line in the song that everyone seems to understand, but only a combat experienced soldier can fully appreciate: "Behind each wave of tragedy I waited for the joy."
Ask someone who has been mugged what it feels like. Ask someone who has been burglarized while their family is being held at gunpoint what it feels like. Ask a woman who has been raped what it feels like. Ask someone who has had a child killed by a drunk driver what it feels like.
Then ask a woman who successfully warded off her attacker what it feels like. Ask someone who pulled a gun and killed an intruder and saved his family from whatever could have happened what it feels like. Ask someone who returned home from a war while many of his enemies lay buried what it feels like.
Mortal combat comes in many forms.
Every time you start your car, you are entering mortal combat. Each time you start a journey, you know full well, like a soldier going off to war, you may never return home alive. Each time you lie down to sleep, there is no guarantee you will ever wake up. Each time you say goodbye to a friend or loved one, a part of you knows that you may never see them again.
There is no accomplishment without movement. Each time you act, you are declaring your Dominance! Even if you just move your hand to scratch your ear, you are forcing at least a part of the universe to bend to your Will. Your hand moving toward your ear will disrupt molecules of air in the path. But, in your eyes, those molecules are so far beneath your contempt that you do not even acknowledge their presence, much less care about their rights. You invade their privacy, brush them aside, simply because you can, caring absolutely nothing about their feelings. "Hey! We're trying to take a nap here!!"
Forcing your way through the world around you while caring absolutely nothing about the rights of others, even if they are so far beneath you that you can't even acknowledge that they have rights, is like someone driving a tank through your house. They have exhibited their Dominance over you, in exactly the same way that you exhibit your Dominance over those you feel are lesser than you.
Even by something as simple as eating a meal. You may not have actually killed the cow or fish or turnip greens yourself, but by buying them from the local market, you are condoning killing. You exhibit your Dominance over the life forms you consider necessary for your survival.
I am not saying anything is right or wrong here, guys. I am only saying that that is the way things are. Only by understanding Dominance in your life will you be able to bring it into balance. We have no choice but to exhibit our Dominance over certain life forms in order to live, unless we all of a sudden start eating plastic. And even then we would be exhibiting Dominance over plastic molecules.
The Perakee say that there is something within us that makes us feel good when we successfully engage the world around us. Scientists have identified this thing and call it Endorphines. When we Achieve, or reach a desired end to our machinations, our brains are flooded with this substance, I guess you would call it an enzyme. The greater the achievement, the greater the flood of Endorphines.
Therefore, you could say that men live in pursuit of the Endorphine Rush!
Because of our different natures and bent, different achievements produce the Endorphine Rush in different humans. Being a man, I can only speculate, but I feel that childbirth may be one of the achievements that causes the greatest Endorphine Rush for women. I know I will never forget the feelings I had when looking upon each of my children and grandchildren for the very first time, and I was only a bystander to the birthing process.
"Men go to war because men like to go to war......."
Nagging wives and screaming children have done more to fill military recruiting quotas than all the UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU! posters in the world! Like water flowing downhill, men move from boredom toward anything that promises excitement. They would rather chance dying in a foreign land than face being bored out of their skulls for the rest of their life. "There MUST be something more to life than this!"
Some men, and I guess some women too, feel the greatest Rush from making love to a new partner for the first time, and so flit from conquest to conquest. It seems that the more mundane an act becomes, the fewer Endorphines are released into the brain.
Almost all men and women equate this Endorphine Rush with Love. "When someone makes me feel this good, it MUST be love!" But as the relationship dulls into a steady pattern, the Rush ceases. We just don't feel as good about the relationship as we did at first. And so we 'fall out of love', and go insearch of another human to give us 'that old feeling again'.
Too many people feel this deadening, not only in relationships, but in Life in general. A friend of mine, who is about 90 years old, once told me that he hadn't had sex in years. When I asked him, "Why?", he said, "Well, I remember how, I just don't remember what for!" Later he told me that if someone offered him sex or a bucket, he would take the bucket.... "At least I could put something into the bucket!"

As my grandpa explained it, a major part of the second stage of Man, between the ages of 5 and 17, is learning how to live within the framework of his society. The rules for each society differ. We each are born into a particular Herd due to circumstances beyond our control. We are born into a rich family or a poor family, a Western Society or an Eastern, a modernized country or a Third World country, a White family or Black family or Indian family or an Oriental family. And there is absolutely nothing we can do to change the circumstances of our birth.
The proper function of the quality of Man I choose to call Dominion is to accept who and what we are.
If I were to build an analogy to explain what Dominion is, I would say that it is like a dam that holds everything we ARE in check. The Will is the keeper of the dam, to keep the gates closed or to open them to release and direct all that is behind the dam. The physical body we were given by the Earth, the Instincts handed down to us from our Grandfathers, the intellect we have developed from our interactions with the world around us, even the baser Lunar qualities of Imagination, Order, Propriety, Drive, and Battle, all put pressure on the dam, demanding to be released at all times.
Dominion must pick and choose which of the energies will be released. Once an energy gets past Dominion, it enters into the realm of Domination, and we ACT accordingly, for good or bad. We change the course of history forever. For Acts can never be reversed.
Dominion is the WHY behind our actions. It could be based on logic, prejudice, love, hate, desire, habit, or any of a thousand things we could name. And our acts are judged by the Dominion of others of our Herd. An act that is considered right and good in one society may be considered evil and vile in another society. Each person looks within himself and bases his judgement on what he himself would have done in a given situation.
But civilization is a recent thing. The why's and wherefor's of living together in a society have not been ingrained into us long enough to become a part of the Yellow energies. If they had, there would be no such thing as rape, pillage, stealing, or murder. They simply would not exist.
But they do exist. The ONLY reason they don't occur more often is societal pressure. Men have to be TAUGHT how to act! And then policemen and armies must be employed to ensure that they Act accordingly!
(Why do you have to take two Baptists fishing? Because if you only take one, he will drink all your beer! --- an old hillbilly joke)
My grandpa explained it: "Maybe one out of five men will act with good intentions when they are all alone. A few thousand years ago, it may have been one out of twenty. We are learning, but slowly. It may take another million years for all men to learn to get along naturally. Until then, we must protect ourselves and our families at all times, for no amount of policemen can be everywhere at all times. More than one woman has passed out drunk and when they woke up, wondered why their underwear was on backward!"
Laws and religious dictates will work for some men. All men feel they will live forever, and they would rather come back as a man than a pig, or dwell in the house of the lord forever than suffer in Hell. And most of us try to live within the framwork of the Law to avoid going to prison or being executed.
But that's not the same thing, is it??
My grandpa said that during his 33 years of preaching, the greatest lesson that he tried to teach in his sermons was : "The desire to go to Heaven is enough to keep you from going!" He felt that in such a case, Jesus was nothing more than a policeman, that men have to WANT to be good and righteous in order to have a chance at all. He felt that was what Jesus meant when he said: "There will be much clamoring and gnashing of teeth, and many will exclaim, "Lord! Lord! Have I not done many wondrous works in Your name?", and I will say, "I never knew you!""
Men grow civilized by degrees. Since there is no internal law as yet, there will have to be external law. As men live and build their homes and raise their families, law can give us freedom, because it gives us security from the cruel, the brutal, and the thieves. That's all that most men want anyway..... the simple knowing that they can go about thieir business without the fear of being maimed or killed because they accidentally bumped some guy's arm and spilled his drink, and that his family will not be molested while he is away.
Anything more, and 'law' becomes 'restriction'......
A friend of mine named Bobby Thomasson once told me: "All they need to do to make Democracy the best form of government on Earth is restrict all terms to 3 months, then take 'em out and hang 'em when they get out of office. That way, no one will be able to figure out how to get their finger in the public till!"
A balanced personal Dominion is nothing more than Man understanding who and what we are. We are an animal that is trying to get along with his fellow men, banded together for mutual support and protection. When our Dominion begins to reflect that, then our Acts will be balanced accordingly. Until then, all the government and religion in the universe will continue to be an exercise in futility.

My wife and I have been in 1145 fights, and I lost every one of them! I was getting the best of her one time til she blind-sided me with a left hook! She is always telling me what to do. Just yesterday she TOLD me: "Come out from under the bed and fight like a man!"
We got married and had our first child at seventeen years old. That was thirty-three years ago. And we are still together.
When I tell people this, they look at me as if I am lying, or a fool. I am starting to feel like a freak! Nobody stays married this long any more. When my band plays and I get on stage to introduce the members, or I do a short comedy routine while one of the guys has to work on his instrument in the middle of a set, I tell the audience that I have been married 33 years to the same woman. Usually the audience cheers. Sometimes I even get a standing ovation!
Sometimes people even ask me why I stayed married to the same woman for so long. I always respond with humor: "It almost killed me training this one. I don't wanna go through that again!" or "Yeah, I think about trading her in for two twenty-year-olds. But I would hate to find I am not wired for 220 and blow all my fuses!" or "Well, sometimes I think about taking the silver out of her hair, the gold out of her teeth, the lead out of her ass and junking the rest of her, but she thinks the same thing about me!" or "My wife has developed an immunity to me. I'd give another woman blood poisoning with my old rusty rod!"
Did we luck out and accidentally find the 'perfect' mate? I should smile! There isn't a word in the English language that we have not argued about. Literally. We do the crossword puzzle in the paper together every day. We were once asked to leave a restaurant because of a heated argument over how to spell the word 'syzygy'.
We are exact opposites. We are just alike. Both of us only have 10th grade educations, but we have never stopped learning and growing. Our motto has always been: "We will try anything once. If we don't like it, we don't have to do it again!" Neither one of us has stopped the other from doing anything we really wanted to do, and we have always done it together.We have had a lot of fun along the way, but we have cried some, too. Some things we enjoyed so much that they became part of our routine. Other things have made us stop and ask each other, "What the hell were we thinking!?!"
We are the perfect couple in the eyes of most of  our family, friends, and even casual aquaintances. We have a long and colorful history together. If anyone were to deliberately hurt the other, there would be blood on the moon before the incident was forgotten. We both know that we love, and are loved by, the other.
And still we have our little spats and arguments.
The Perakee concluded that there is something inside each man that forces him to be in conflict with someone or some thing at all times. My grandpa used the English term Battle to identify it.
He explained it: "Battle comes from caring."
I asked: "Why don't you call it Caring, then?
And he said: "Because there are three kinds of caring. There is the instinctive caring that causes us to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children. A man will walk unafraid through Hell with dynamite in his pockets to protect his children. A woman will attack a grizzly with a switch if she felt her children were being threatened. And there is the caring that causes us to band together with other humans for support and protection. This is the logical and rational knowing that we stand a better chance if we work together. It is why we marry. It is why we form cities and states and countries.
"But the kind of caring that causes personal Battle has nothing to do with protection or survival or anything else that makes sense. Men battle any time they feel their Free Will is threatened, whenever they feel their 'godhood' is not being acknowledged!"
I ran into a friend of mine a few weeks ago. After a few minutes of idle chat, I asked about his wife. He said, "I don't know. I have not seen her in two months. We are getting a divorce." I waited a few minutes to make sure he was not kidding, then asked, "What happened?" He said (and I am not making this up), "I told her to make me a cup of coffee and she told me to make it myself. I don't have to take that crap from anybody!" I was proud of myself... I did not bust out laughing. I asked simply, "What about the kids?" And he said, "They'll get by."
Yeah, they'll get by. Children always do, don't they?
The Perakee concluded that any battle is half over before the first blow is struck. Decisions are formed deep inside a man long before a battle even begins. And those decisions are formed in early childhood.
My grandpa explained: "Personal Battle begins the very first time a child is told, "No!" A child makes a decision to act, maybe to reach for something that he is curious about, and that action is prevented by an adult. No matter what the reason is that made the child decide to act, and no matter what the reason is that made the adult interfere with the child's acting, the child feels resentment and bitterness. In the child's mind, he has done nothing wrong, certainly nothing that would warrant such a reaction from the adult. He has seen the adult perform the same action. He simply does not understand that the hot coffee can burn him, or the cigarette lighter can burn the house down, or the glass will be destroyed if it is dropped. All he sees is the adult being a tyrant.
"As the child grows into adulthood, his actions continue to be thwarted, by Law, by morals, by his finances, by his own decisions to live within the framework of his Herd, whether that Herd be marriage, fraternity, city, or country. He is not free to do as he wishes. He is only free to act within rigid bounds. He sees tyrants everywhere. And his resentment and bitterness continues to grow.
"Every man feels trapped. And, like a coyote caught in a steel trap, he will strike out at every thing and every one, for no reason but to snap and hurt, even his loved ones!"
"We are but dust and shadow." --- Horace
Take the water out of a man and you are left with a few pounds of chemicals worth maybe three cents on the open market.
BUT........ You are the most important thing in your universe. When you die, the machine goes to TILT, the game is over, and your world goes POOF! Why can't the world see how important you are?? They are all fools! For you are the wisest, smartest, best, most supreme example of Man! And why doesn't God recognize you for what you really are? Can't He see that you are going to be the one who sits on His right hand for eternity?? That when you get there, He can take a vacation because you are MORE than qualified to run the universe in His absence?
"He who hath wife and children hath given hostage to fame and fortune, for they are impediments to great enterprise." --- Sir Francis Bacon
Oh, yes, you have more than ample reason for resentment and bitterness! I don't blame you for dumping every woman who doesn't let you have your way all the time, who refuses to recognize your greatness. And no one can blame you for quitting your job when the boss doesn't immediately put into operation every suggestion you make, not realizing how much better the company would run if he would only listen to you. They are all fools! And what are laws and morals anyway?? Just a bunch of stupid restrictions made up by a bunch of stupid people to protect the idiots of the world. They certainly don't apply to you!
You don't have to take that crap from anybody!
The above couple of paragraphs are how Man views himself in relation to the rest of the world. We are but dust and shadow...... everyone knows it, few ever learn to accept it.
"If you always do what you've always done, you will always be what you've always been." --- an old hillbilly saying

Desire is the undisputed Boss Energy of the universe. Desire caused all things to come into existence. It was the Desire of 'SOMETHING greater than ourselves' that created us and sustains us. It doesn't matter if you call this 'something greater than ourselves' God, Allah, Spirit, or Great Lightbulb in the Sky. Without Its Desire for us to be here, we simply would not be here.
Desire is the most powerful force in the lives of human beings. It is the great rallying point of all our energies. Whatever we desire, everything we ARE strives to its utmost to make it so, whether consciously or unconsciously. And we expend our energy in direct proportion to the strength of our desire.
Desire is right and good. It makes our world go 'round. We would not accomplish anything or have anything without the desire to do so. Desire is the prime motivating factor behind all human achievement.
The Perakee called Desire an Earth Energy. Even inanimate objects would not exist without Desire. Desire is more powerful than, and transcends, all mere human energies. Whatever Desire dictates, the Red, Blue, and Yellow energies of Man have no choice but to obey.
The Desire within the hearts of men is a paltry thing compared to the Desire of the Great Spirit, which could be called Cosmic Law, or Natural Law. We can desire all we want to, but our Desire is simply not powerful enough to sway the Desire of the Spirit. We are, however, compelled to try.
This compulsion to try to force our personal Desire onto the world around us was called Drive by my grandpa.
Desire is nothing more than unmanifest impulse. Drive is the energy you use to bring Desire into reality. You can desire something your whole life, but that desire will not be fulfilled until you do the things necessary for your desire to come true. Nothing happens until something moves!
I use the analogy of an automobile in my own mind to understand Desire and Drive. Desire is like the motor. You can start the car's engine, and it will run for years if you keep gas, oil, and water in it. But it won't DO anything, other than sit there looking pretty and making noise. It can't drive itself. The car will fulfill the function for which it was designed ONLY when you drive it...... actually get behind the wheel, put the transmission in a gear, aim the wheels and give it gas. If you perform all the necessary functions in a correct manner, then you will arrive at your desired location. The automobile will take you there, alright. But not without your Drive.
You have to ACT in order for Desire to be manifested.
Desire at the level of the Spirit may cause instantaneous manisfestation. We have been led to believe so by those who purport to know.
But Desire at the human level is nothing more than wishing, or wanting, or craving. You can wish for something very strongly your whole life, want it so bad you can taste it, and crave something til you are blue in the face. But that alone will not make your desire become a reality.
And, well, that is a good thing! How would you feel if all a guy had to do was wish you would die, and you died?? Or your children? Or your friends?
Life as we know it would cease. Because every child before that age of 5, the first time we tell him ,"No!", would kill his parents. It would not be his fault. He would have absolutely no idea what is happening or why or how. You do not remember the terrible rage that came over you the first time an adult stopped you from doing what you chose. But watch a small child throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of Wal Mart.
How strange the world would be if all the desires of humans suddenly began to become realities. A poor guy could look at a rich guy and say, "Boy, I wish I had everything that guy has!" and BOOM! The rich guy is suddenly walking around butt naked and the poor guy is smoking big cigars and getting a foot massage by a 300 pound Oriental lady named Bertha. Of course, as soon as he realized what happened, the rich guy would say, "Hay! I want my stuff back!" and BOOM! The other guy suddenly opens his eyes and says, "Whoa! What happened?? I could have sworn I was getting a foot massage by a 300 pound Oriental lady named Bertha! I wonder where she went?? And where's my damned cigar!" Then HE would realize what happened and say, "Hay! I desire that guy's money back again!!!" and BOOM!
OK, guys, how far do you want me to carry this parable? We could have the two guys stealing each other's money back and forth till we run out of space on this site.
According to the body of knowledge known as Perakee, all self-help books and holy works in the world that spout Faith are a total waste of time. You can scream, "Hey, Mountain, get thee hence!" until you have a heart attack, and guess what? The mountain ain't gonna move! Of course, the preacher will tell you that the mountain did not move because you did not have enough faith. And all the Mahakah will nod their heads wisely and agree, "Yes, yes, you had no faith. Because if you did, that son of a bitch woulda moved!"
If you really want to get the mountain to move, I suggest you save up enough money to buy an atom bomb. I bet you could get it to move then!!!
"Jesus was not a Christian, Mohammed was not a Moslem, and Buddha was not a Buddhist." ---- source unknown
My grandpa, who was a preacher himself, often said: "I spent 30 years trying to undo the damage done by preachers. Jesus, like all who have learned to balance their energies, fully understood that the only way a better world lay in going inside, so that "He who hears in secret can reward ye openly." The Father of Jesus was the Grandfather of Perakee, the Yellow energies of Man."
As the energies balance, Humor becomes one of the most powerful tools we have. Wise men down through the ages have all talked of the importance of learning to laugh at ourselves and the silly comings and goings of the world of Man.
It was my grandpa's contention that Jesus had the greatest sense of Humor of all. "That was the reason they crucified him! He laughed at the preachers, calling them fools, vipers, and blind leaders of the blind! He laughed at all the things they took so seriously. And the thing they took the most serious of all was Faith. Without the faith of the followers, the coffers would be empty, and the preachers would have to find another way to make a living. When Jesus said: "If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you could tell a mountain to get thee hence, and it would get thee hence.", he was laughing his ass off. He was trying to help the Desciples understand the silliness of the concept of Faith. For Desire without Drive is the silliest thing of all!"

"He who stands alone stands strongest. By standing alone he becomes strong and remains strong." --- Louis L'Amour
My grandpa was usually a boiterous man, with laughter dancing in his eyes. But when he talked about this particular quality of Man, he was always morose and serious. He never called it 'propriety'. He never called it anything at all. But he often used the phrase 'when the Moon holds its shadow in its arms', and then would tell stories about how men group themselves together in bazarre ways. So I guess for the Perakee, the New Moon was a symbol of the Loneliness of Man.
Man is born alone, he dies alone, and he is alone when he faces his most difficult internal conflicts. He may be surrounded by family and friends, but they can do absolutely nothing in his greatest hours of need. Men instinctively know this, but they do not like it, and so refuse to accept it.
According to my RANDOM HOUSE WEBSTER'S COLLEGE DICTIONARY, Propriety is: 1) conformity to established standards of good or proper behavior or manners; 2) appropriateness to the purpose or circumstance; suitability; 3) rightness or justness.
Herding is a quality of Man that I have mentioned in several contexts. Herding is considered one of the Blue Energies of Man, but it happens on several different levels. There is the Instinctual herding of family units, and of racial congregating. And there is the Rational herding for mutual benefit and protection.
Propriety is the artificial herding of Man. I call it artificial because it is a manmade, not natural, superficial grouping of men predicated on individual judgements based upon words and public actions. My grandpa told a story to illustrate this energy:
Four men were on a journey, and happened to meet at a crossroad. The wagon that one man was driving happened to choose that moment to break down. Without a word, the driver got down and started unloading the wagon. The other three men, also without a word, jumped in and started helping. They worked for hours in silence, unloading the wagon, fixing the axle, then reloading the wagon.
When the work was done, they sat down to rest before going on their separate ways. One man looked at another and said:
"My name is Bubba. What's your handle?"
"Me no have handle. Me once have handle on hoe, but hoe broke."
"No, no. What is your name? What do they call you?"
"I am called Throws Rocks At Chickens."
"Why do you do that?"
"Why do I do what?"
"Why do you throw rocks at chickens?"
"I do not throw rocks at chickens."
"Then why do they call you that?"
"That is the dream my mother had when I was born."
"That is stupid, to name your kids after dreams!"
"What dream did your mother have to name you Bub Buh?"
"My mother didn't have no dream."
"That is stupid to not name your children after your dreams!"
"Are you talking bad about my mama?!?"
"I say", another of the men said, "allow me to introduce myself. I am Whorton Tappley Johnson the Third, Earl to the Grand Duchy of Finn Geta, grand uncle to the niece's cousin's brother's nephew's friend of the second-in-line to the Priory of Borabora, general roustabout and seeker of Truth, Knowledge, and Undisturbed Pretense, and purveyor of mundane melancholy, at your service."
The bumpkin looked at the Indian and said, "What did he just say?!?"
The Indian just shook his head and rolled his eyes.
The Earl looked at the fourth man and said, "Now tell us something about yourself, my good man."
And the fourth man said, "Mi habla no Engless. Sprechen sie Deutch??"
My grandpa explained: "The four men formed a close bond based upon shared hardship. If they had just went on their way after the work was completed, they would have always felt that bond with each other. But the minute they opened their mouths, the bond started collapsing."
The same thing happens in all areas of human life. When a man runs for public office, he builds an image that he wants people to see. People choose to vote for him or not, based upon that artificial image. They do not know the man at all, and only form an opinion of him based upon the colloquialism of his hired speech writers. With enough money, they could run Donald Duck for president of the United States and win! Stupid.......sooo stupid. And yet, most Mahakah consider Democracy to be the highest form of govenment the world has ever known!
People choose to buy music recordings or movies because they 'like' the performer. I went to Nashville, Tennessee, with my band to record a CD at Wayne Carson's Horse Studio. I asked Wayne, "Do you like Elvis?" And he said, "I don't know. I never met the man!"
Men base their opinions of other men, objects, beliefs, mannerisms, and behaviors upon on their own assessments dictated by their own nature and bent, and base their interactions with them upon those assessments.
My grandpa said: "Men group themselves together according to what they see in themselves. For some, it is the Hunt. For others, it is the Kill. And there are those who simply enjoy the smell of burning flesh."
After a few minutes of trying to understand, I asked, "Why would anyone want to burn another person??"
And he said: "It is because they instinctively know that if their religion is correct, it is their own flesh that will soon be burning, and they simply want to get a whiff of what eternity will be like for them....."

The sixth Lunar quality of Man stems from an energy which I choose to call Order.
Order is the energy that puts pressure on men to make sense out of this thing we call Life. As long as everything makes sense to us, we can live in peaceful co-existence with the world around us and, therefor, with ourselves. But since it is impossible for even the world's smartest man to know all things, we have fabricated great fantasies called religions so that even the simplest man on earth can feel All-knowing and All-wise.
And because a man feels he knows EXACTLY how everything works, he begins to feel All-Powerful. "I can do anything, because now I have God on my side! How can I lose?!?"
All religions, schools of thought, belief systems, superstitions, myths, and altruisms come from this specific quality of Man. Even the body of knowledge known as Perakee is but a reflection of Man's attempt to establish Order out of the chaos. There are as many ways to describe Order as there have been humans on Earth. For no matter the general description to which a person ascribes, each of us changes and rearranges its elements to fit comfortably, just as a person adjusts a hat on his head.
According to my grandpa, there is only one single belief that is shared by all men, including the Perakee. He said: "All peoples of all times of all lands since the beginning of human existence have held one central belief above all others, and, whether consciously or unconsciously, they know this to be true, and ultimately reflect this knowledge in all they do. They know that Life did not originate on Earth!"
Many, many times my grandpa took my brother and me hunting and fishing. I can look back now and understand that he needed to get us away from others so that he could talk freely. We would always be 'doing' something, such as hunting or fishing. But while we waited for the fish to bite, or while walking through the woods looking for our quarry of the day, or while resting, he was constantly talking. He literally told us hundreds of stories, using elements of the things around us, but always coming back over and over to central themes. One of these central themes was the Seven Sisters.
It seemed my grandpa was forever talking of things in groups of seven: seven Red energies, seven Blue energies, seven Yellow energies, seven Lunar qualities of Man, seven Solar qualities of Man, seven Earth qualities of Man, seven seas, seven planets, seven winds, seven directions. It got to be a sort of joke with me and my brother. When Grandpa would ask: "Do you know how many (whatever) there are?", we would chime in, "Seven!", and he would always say, "That's right! Boy, you guys are really smart!"
So when he talked about the Seven Sisters, that was just another one of the 'sevens' to us.
The Seven Sisters that our grandpa was always talking about is a formation of stars that most people call the Little Dipper. He said, "All Life Force, what the Perakee called the White energy, or White Light, comes from the Seven Sisters. It is poured out of the Dipper by the Seven Sisters onto the Earth and is held in Wells for when we need it, just as energy comes from the Sun and is broken down into components that we can use. And this causes Life as we know it to exist.
"When the Life Force that flows from the Seven Sisters falls onto an object other than Earth, it is held in Wells there. And when conditions are right, Life will spring forth from the joining of Life Force and whatever materials happen to be available in that place. It will be Life, but it will not be Life as we know it on Earth."
Of course, to my brother and me, this was just another wacky story that our grandpa was always telling. He told dozens of stories about that star formation, and called it many things, including the Garden of Eden, Heaven of the Christians, and Zion of the Jews. He said that ALL belief systems pay homage to the Little Sisters in one form or another.
"Whenever you find your life out of balance, when Chaos threatens to overwhelm you, look to the Little Sisters for guidance! They will wrap their arms around you and calm you until you can talk to the trees once more."
The Perakee perceived that this particular quality of Man, which I choose to call Order, is the most dangerous. While not the most powerful energy, it taints all others. All data gathered by the other energies must pass inspection according to how we perceive ourselves in conjunction to the world around us before it is even accepted as valid. Even Dominion checks with Order before it allows Dominance free rein!
My grandpa explained: "Even a mouse does not trust itself to one hole alone. And yet, that is exactly what religionists have done. They depend upon that one avenue to answer all questions in life. And when that system fails to answer a question, they go to their spiritual 'leader', who is usually dumber than they are. But the leader will have an answer. And the adherent will walk away feeling guilty, because he knows that the leader is a fool. And he will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. But his life will have Order, and that is all he cares about!"
They only way that this quality of Man can balance is to question everything. And when you find the answer, question that too. Accept all data as distinct possibility while rejecting all data as distinct improbability. It is only a fool that believes he knows all things, and his actions will reflect that foolishness!
"Here is darkness, Brothers! Hear the birds burn!" --- THE ULTIMATE ELSEWHERE

The energies of Man are not solid objects with clear cut lines between them. They fade into and out of each other, like the colors of a rainbow. And nowhere is this more in evidence than in the Lunar Quality of Man which could be called Imagination.
Imagination could be called the Great Dividing Line between black and white, between real and unreal, between what IS and what MAN THINKS IT IS, between concreteness and fantasy. Since each energy overlaps those above and below it, Imagination could be called the lowest Red energy, and the highest Blue energy. It is the lowest Quality of Man from which Emotions are a by-product. It is the highest energy that can be perceived by the five senses.
You cannot see, taste, smell, hear, or feel a religion or system of thought, which are Functions of Order, but you can definitely see, taste, smell, hear, and feel an ocean scene or favorite childhood event, or any experience recorded in your Memory, which is a Function of Imagination.
The Functions of Imagination are memory, goal, dream, and creativity.
Imagination is the ability to perceive what is not there: Memory is what has gone before; Goal is what is yet to come; Dream is possibility; and Creativity is bringing possibility into reality.
The Perakee conceived that Imagination is the doorway to the future.
My grandpa explained: "The Imagination is a wonderful facility. Man uses it to build whatever he chooses. Without it, Man becomes just another animal, living a humdrum, day to day existence until he dies. But with Imagination, a man adds excitement to his dull life! In his mind he is dashing, daring, brave, the most important person in the entire universe! In the world that we all build for ourselves, the gods pay us homage, wise men come to us for advice, kings offer us more gold than we can carry, even our kids respect our wishes!
"Imagination gives us a chance to make dry runs before we act. Using information we have gained from past experience, and from what we have gained about the world around us, we can try out as many scenarios as we like. We can look for the flaws and weaknesses in our thinking and make adjustments BEFORE we Act.
"Once we Act, we move from the world of Possibility to the world of Reality. We no longer have to Imagine what the outcome will be. We KNOW! And we have the scars and trophies to prove it!"
Imagination is like a movie that runs through our heads continuously, while we are awake and while we are asleep, in which we are the director, the star, the playwright, and the producer. We choose location and props, and have whichever actors we choose at our disposal, each acting and saying EXACTLY what we tell them to. We are solely responsible for the success or failure of our own movies.
If we see the movie that we created in our mind as a flop, we will often choose not to Act. If we see our movie as a boxoffice success, we will be more than eager to Act. And if the whole world acted according to the scripts we provided, everything would be OK.
Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. "The best laid plans of mice and men....."
Imagination gives us a chance to rerun sad events in our life to try to figure out what went wrong. We can rerun happy events in order to live over and over our greatest successes and moments of joy. We can use the stories of others to paint scenes across the landscape of our mind. We can read history to recreate past events that we never witnessed, and we can read of the latest developments of technology to build an idea of what our future holds. We can even travel strange lands with at least some degree of familiarity, owing to having read of the travels of others and the descriptions of what they saw.
The Imagination is a magnificent achievement of Man. But, like all the God Qualities, it can be a terrible two-edged sword. We can use it for the betterment and upliftment of ourselves, mankind, and all who make the Earth their home. Or we can use it to drive ourselves insane and destroy all that we have hoped for.

I chose to name this chapter of my story The World of Perakee for a very specific reason. The Red Energies of Man are a mystery to Mahakah. But if you were born with the Simian lines, you were born with the knowledge of the Lunar Qualities of Man.
Because of this inner knowing, you will always be considered 'different' in the eyes of your fellow man. Perakee were born to be leaders among men, not necessarily leaders of men. While the rest of the world is forever chasing its folly, never knowing why or where the impulse to do so comes from, you know. Wherever you go, when all hell is breaking loose around you, men will instinctively look to you for guidance.
My grandpa explained: "There are two kinds of people in the world --- pet owners and pet breeders. The pet owners don't care about all the other animals in the world. They only care about their own pet. Breeders, on the other hand, do not care about the fate of a single animal. They care about the elevation of the species as a whole.
"If you only care about one single animal, and let all others of that species die, then when your pet dies, there will be no replacemants. But if you ensure the safety and wellbeing of all animals, then men will always have pets to offer them succor and companionship.
"Perakee are the Breeders. They cannot care about only one pet. They care about the species as a whole!"
Many of you are already aware of this, and know full well that this is what causes many of the relationship problems Perakee have. We are often considered cold and uncaring. The opposite is the truth. We care so deeply that we simply cannot give all our attention to one person.
Red Perakee were called Manwolves, or Guardians. Wolves were seen to have very strong herd instincts. Everything they do is for the care, protection, and survival of the pack. And they are VERY aggressive when they feel the children are endangered.
Red Perakee are not seen as policemen or militiamen, but as Guardians of the Well. This is not done by fighting or killing or passing laws. The Well is not a property that needs protected from theft or vandalism. It is protected by purifying yourself, so that when you die, the Water that flows back into it is a little cleaner than when you got it. In this way, the overall purity of the Well is raised a tiny fraction.
Every person in a society does not have to go to college to raise the knowledge of that society. Each college grad enters the work force in a position to influence hundreds, if not thousands, of people under him. In this way, the benefits of a college education are spread throughtout the land.
In the exact same way, each Perekee that finds balance causes a ripple effect that influences many, many others in his own little world. When he stops reacting to emotional pressure, and stops being influenced by the everpresent whimsical winds of change, he becomes an anchor in an often seemingly hideous and hostile world.
My grandpa said that in the Old West, when there were many cattle drives, the cowhands would mix older cattle with the young to act as a steadying influence on the herd. He said, "If there were only young critters, they would stampede every time a man farted! Most of the time, no one knew what started the stampede. One cow start running, and they all would follow blindly, sometimes right over the edge of a cliff, killing the whole herd!"
Men are like that. The whole herd can be stampeded right into a war, killing millions before sanity is restored. "Too bad you're in the crossfire! Say goodbye to your baby's face! Retribution of the madman supercedes the Law of Grace!"
The Perakee have studied mankind, according to my grandpa, for thousands of years, trying to understand why Man is Man's worst enemy. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out why I am bringing this knowledge to the world at this time.
I think we are very close to a global conflict that will make all other wars look like a backyard bar-b-que.....
The Perakee say that this has happened 5 times before. It took 15,000 years to build back after the last one. Who knows, maybe the Well is so polluted that we will never make it to the next level of our evolution.
I look around and I am so ashamed. With all our great commerce, technological advances, and social awareness, 800 million people, fully one fifth of the world's population, are still living at poverty level. Thousands, mostly children, are starving to death every day. Has the world changed in the 50 years since my grandpa made the statement: "Men are more concerned about the length of their penis than about whole families starving to death!"
I have spent more than 20 years using poetry in an attempt to help Man become aware of his self-destructive tendencies:
(excerpt from) DOG DAYS
The Manwolf hides no more.
See me as I am!
The world has turned your head,
But she never gave a damn.
Children of the Rock,
You are free to open doors.
Resurrect your wounded hearts
And run with me once more!
(excerpt from) UNBORN CHILD
Poppies in the fields laugh until they bleed
Into the arms of children on the wrong side of hell.
Snakes climb the poles that slaughter all the sheep
And the bomb calls the tune til there's nothing left to sell.
Our future flies through the hole in the sky!
Glory to God, the angel blows his own horn!
But no one gives a damn enough to ask why
    Nobody worships the unborn child......
Hear their screams on the wind,
Children crying from the grave.
Follow me, oh, follow me,
Before there's no one left to save.
No one listens! I will listen!
Spirit speak, I am yours!
Let my children's children's children
Run free again once more!
I will fight no more forever!
Let this wisdom counsel me.
I will wait a thousand years......
     Sleeping with the enemy!
I no longer feel poetry is enough. I created this site in an effort to reach people who may be in a position to use the stories of Perakee to bring balance into their lives. Perhaps it is working, for not all of the email I am receiving is caustic:)
Welcome to the world of Perakee.
Whether you are Perakee or Mahakah, whether you feel I have used the right words to tell my story or not, you are, at the very least, now aware of a system that is trying to bring balance into the world.
And I charge each of you to be a Guardian of the Well.
We are all finite beings. We will only be here for a little time, and we each have limited personal power. Use it wisely. The energy that is YOU will be used over and over again by your children and children's children. Try to return it just a little bit purer than when you received it.