The Legend of Perakee

by Larry Brinkley


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The stories of Perakee as told to me and my brother by our grandpa were always filled with colors. He told us of red, blue, and yellow fish that lived in the rivers in our hands when we were very young. As we grew older, the stories grew to encompass our more complicated world, but the colors remained the same

Everything is White, and only changes color when pressure is applied from an outside force. The nature of these forces is what causes the differing hues, and the degree of the force causes the differing shades.

Life force was seen as White, being pure energy that comes from the stars. And it stays White until it is trapped by the Earth, or inanimate objects, which was seen as Black. White is completely free and constantly moving. Black is rigid and immovable. The hues and shades of color were seen as the degrees of interplay between these two extremes --- White and Black, energy and objects, life and death, freedom and imprisonment.

This scheme is used throughout the stories of Perakee.

To you who read these stories, it may appear that I was taught them in a linear fashion. But the fact of the matter is each story that I write is gleaned from bits and pieces of stories told to me by my grandpa over the course of twelve years. And intermixed with those bits and pieces of his stories are bits and pieces of knowledge and wisdom that I have gained in the thirty years of living since I was told the stories.

The actual words of the stories are not important. All that is important is the understanding that the words are used to portray. The words I use to tell the stories are different from the words you use to gain understanding within yourself, and even those words will be different from the words you will use when it comes time to teach your own children this understanding.

Also, on a separate note, I am jumping around all over the place in the telling of these stories. I may wake in the middle of the night and remember something that was said in connection to a story, and go back and insert information into stories that appear to have already been finished, hopefully to make the flow better or create a better understanding.

In other words, this is a work in progress, and being constantly edited. I work on this site almost every day. But just because there is nothing new added to the last story, doesn't mean that nothing has been changed. And I have not figured out how to let you know where the changes have occurred on a daily basis. I apologize to those of you who are trying to follow my musings.

Larry Brinkley

1. The Children of Perakee (1-29-05)
2. The Toltec World (1-29-05)
3. The Races of Man (2-5-05)
4. The Yellow Race (2-9-05)
5. The Blue Race (3-04-05)
6. The Red Race (3-08-05)
7. Black Hearted Men (3-26-05)
8. A Living Tapestry
9. The Races of the World (3-28-05)
10. Utopia (6-30-05)
11. The Herd (6-9-05)
12. Perakee Paradigm (8-9-05)
13. Color String Theory (9-21-05)


According to my grandpa, the villagers of the Bo Tribe did not have much actual contact with the Toltecs. The two peoples were separated by a vastness, much like the people of New York City are separated from the Eskimos of the Arctic Circle. They simply did not have much in common.

Until the arrival of Taloh and the 21 Perakee that accompanied him, the worlds of the Bo Tribe and the Toltecs seldom crossed, and then only in superficial ways. And when they did show up, it was usually to take the Perakee babies that had been born into the tribe. There was much crying and wailing when this happened. All children were precious. The parents were never told why the children were taken. And it had happened for many generations before the villagers came to understand that it was only babies born with the Simian lines in both hands that were taken.

Few Perakee were born into the tribe, and most of them died before the age of 5. They were weak children, usually either deformed or dim-witted. They could not stand much physical strain, and most died in the harshness of winter. Though they were much loved by the tribe, there was a sadness when one was born. The villagers knew that there was not much hope of them being healthy, and if they did manage to live for 5 winters, they knew the Toltecs would come and take them away.

There was no doubt that Perakee babies were special. The ones born healthy were amazingly fast learners. As they learned to talk, they seemed to be filled with a wisdom beyond their years. They seemed to always want to please the adults. All that was needed to teach them right from wrong was softly spoken words of encouragement or discouragement. Other children seemed to shrug off adversity with impugnity. But if an adult even so much as raised his voice in disapproval, a Perakee child seemed to retreat inside himself. And if the child was mistreated and abused, he seemed to curl up inside himself, get sick, and die. They seemed to be very frail, indeed.

My grandpa often said: "If a Perakee child is to have a chance at all of reaching the age of 5, he must be surrounded by kind, caring, patient, and loving adults."

So why did the Toltec Devils come and take away these weak and sickly children? This was a great mystery to the villagers of the Bo tribe. They never seemed to make the connection between the Perakee children and the Toltec Devils themselves, even though when one was encountered, he always held up his right hand and showed that he, too, was Perakee.

Only after the events surrounding the Legend of Perakee did the villagers learn the truth: The Toltec Devils themselves were the children that had been taken from the tribe at the age of 5.

And only after the tribe became aware of this fact did certain stories of the elders begin to make sense. There were stories handed down from generation to generation about times when the Toltecs came and helped the tribe in times of trouble. But because of the hatred the tribe felt toward them for taking the children, and the stories they had heard about experimenting with babies, these stories of kindly Toltecs were not believed.

The Toltecs left the Bo tribe alone to live the way they chose. The only time they appeared, other than to take the Perakee children, was when the tribal life itself was threatened, such as by disease, drought, and war with other tribes. Seldom were words exchanged. The Toltecs, according to the stories, would show up, perform whatever tasks were necessary, and then left without speaking. Indeed, because of the ignorance of the villagers, the Toltec Devils were often blamed for whatever ills befell the tribe. For the most part, the Toltecs were seen as meddlers, and their intrusions were resented.

"We have been aware of the people of the Bo for a very long time, and we have protected you in ways that you cannot understand." --- words spoken by Taloh at the time of the Legend

Who were the Toltecs? Where did they take the children taken from the Bo village? What happened to them? Where are they today??


On a popular Toltec site, it is written:

Thousands of years ago, the Toltec were known throughout southern Mexico as women and men of knowledge.

Anthropologists have spoken of the Toltec as a nation or a race. But the Toltec were scientists and artists who formed a society to explore and conserve the spiritual knowledge and practices of the ancient ones. It may seem peculiar that they combined the secular with the sacred, but the Toltec considered science and spirit to be the same since all energy, whether material or ethereal, is derived from the same source and governed by the same universal laws.

The Toltec came together as masters (Naguals) and students at Teotihuacan, the ancient city of pyramids outside Mexico City known as the place where Man becomes God Teotihuacan remained the Toltec center of spiritual knowledge and transformation for many thousands of years and still endures as a living repository of silent knowledge.

Over the millennia, European conquest, coupled with a brief period of rampant misuse of personal power by a few of the apprentices, forced the Naguals to conceal the ancestral wisdom and maintain its existence in obscurity. They thought it was important to shield the knowledge from those who were not prepared to use it wisely or who might again intentionally misuse it for personal gain. Fortunately, the esoteric Toltec knowledge was embodied and passed on through generations by different lineages of Naguals. Though it remained veiled in secrecy for hundreds of years, ancient prophecies foretold the coming of an age when it would be necessary to return the wisdom to the people. Now, Miguel Ruiz has been guided to share with us the powerful teachings of the Toltec.

Toltec knowledge arises from the same essential unity of truth as all the sacred esoteric traditions around the world. Though it is not a religion, it honors all the spiritual masters who have taught on the earth. Though it does embrace spirit, it is most accurately described as a way of life. Unlike our familiar experience, this way of life is distinguished by the ready accessibility of happiness and love.

Much has been written about the Toltecs, especially since Carlos Castaneda first published in the '60's. Reading Castaneda leaves us with the impression that the Toltecs were all a bunch of sorcerers, gloomy men and women who cared for naught but their own quest for immortality. The above site seems to claim that the "Toltec knowledge..... is a way of life ..... distinguished by the ready accessibility of happiness and love."

Which view is correct? Were the Toltecs a wacky race blinded by their own egotistical drive for power? Or were they truly selfless men and women whose only desire was to help others find 'love and happiness'?

Well, according to my grandpa, they were neither. Saying that the Toltecs were 'this' or 'that' is like an anthropologist finding a copy of THE BOOK OF MORMONS ten thousand years from now and declaring that we all believed in polygamy!

The stories of Perakee portray the Toltec Empire as part of a global society. The average man or woman of that society was just like you and me, normal people striving to live the best way they knew how, trying to make a better world for their children. They had hopes and dreams and desires no different from us of today. They had various religions, schools of thought, and science, their own technology and commerce, with cities and countries.

No matter how far back into history we go we always find vague references to the 'spiritual knowledge and practices of the ancient ones'. The Toltec Empire was not the first global society, and it will not be the last. We, today, are close to becoming a global society. According to Perakee, we are the sixth such. Everything we think of as modern inventions and discoveries has been been known 5 times before.

What happened to the Toltecs? What happened to the people who the Toltecs called Ancient Ones? If they truly reached spiritual heights and great levels of technology, why are we having to learn it all again? How were they destroyed?

According to the Legends of Perakee, the Toltec Empire destroyed itself. Others have called the last global society Atlantis. And they say the same thing.... it destroyed itself.

All we have to do to understand what happened to them is look at the civilizations we do know about. What happened to Egypt? What happened to the Greeks? What happened to the Roman Empire? What happened to the Holy Roman Empire?

The histories of all civilizations run in pretty much the same patterns. Someone looks around and says, "I am tired of this crap!" and sets off to find a place where he is free to live a life of his own choosing. When he finds his Promised Land, he then goes about setting up a society according to his own image of utopia, with its own laws, customs, beliefs, and lifestyles. All who will adhere to this way of life are welcomed.

At first, everyone lives together in relative harmony. But then police become necessary to ensure the peace. And as the society grows and takes in more land, an army becomes necessary to protect the state from other states. When the society grows to the point of taking up all the available free space and starts encroaching upon the space of other societies, wars break out. As a cartoonist put it in 1974: "The aborigines feel we have violated their territorial imperative and are retaliating with antidisestablishmentarianistic behavior!"

Police systems try to protect all the citizens and protect everyone's rights, but they cannot be everywhere at once. Armies do a great job of fighting on a concentrated front. But when the enemies are all around, the army is spread too thin to be an effective force. Eventually, from pressures within and without, all civilizations collapse.

Look around yourself today. How safe do you feel? How much safety do you feel for your children and children's children? How much hope do you have that humans will even exist for another 1000 years?

War, nuclear bombs, intercontinental missiles, multiple warheads, starwars laser technology....... that's what happened to Atlantis! None of the societies of Earth have ever been destroyed by natural catastrophy, or monsters from outer space, or unstoppable diseases. They have all been destroyed by Man.

Look at the recent tsunami. One of the greatest natural destructions of human life in recorded history, with a death toll approaching a half of a million. Unless you were in the immediate area, how has the mass destruction affected you? Have you been forced to miss a single meal? Was there even a ripple in our economy? Other than to give you a reason to donate to your favorite charity, was the course of your life altered in any way?

How much greater must the destructive force be to destroy an entire global society?? No bomb will ever do it. But when the desire to use deadly force rises in the hearts of millions of men and women, it can be easily accomplished.

Man is the source of this destructive force. But what, exactly, causes it? According to Perakee, the last line quoted from the Toltec site above describes it completely: a 'way of life [that] is distinguished by the ready accessibility of happiness and love.'

The Red energies. The Emotions. The Lunar Qualities of Man.

Everyone wants to be happy, to love and to be loved. But happiness and love have different meanings for different people. A pedophile is happiest when he is making love to your children. A rapist loves to force himself on your friends. A dope dealer is happiest when he makes a sale.

If we are going to have a society, there must be agreements on how to get along. But not everyone is going to be happy with the laws passed. Always there will be those who feel their rights are being trampled on. What may seem perfectly just and wise to you may feel completely ludicrous to others.

So, what is the answer? Law is not the answer. There have been so many laws passed that it takes teams of lawyers to interpret them, and still the crime rate rises. Religion is not the answer. There are so many ways to view the higher powers and ways to worship them that it is laughable, and still we aren't safe in our own homes. Technology is not the answer. Each new breakthrough does little more than incite the lust and greed of its inventors.

There are no easy answers. But find them we must. Or the only magic the next generation may give a damn about is how to stay alive!


The Perakee system of Color was applied to the races of Man. My grandpa always talked about White men, Red men, Blue men, Yellow men, and Black men. It took many years for me to realize that he was NOT talking about Caucasian, Native American, Oriental, and Negro peoples. And for the life of me, I could not fathom what he was calling Blue men.

When I was probably 13 or 14, the schools in Arkansas integrated, and for the first time I actually mingled with black children my age. Of course, at first, I juxtaposed the stories that I had heard about Black men onto the black children I played with at school. And it did not take me long to come to the realization that my grandpa was REALLY nuts!

When I pointed out to him the discrepancies I was seeing, he looked at me for a long time, then said, "What has skin color got to do with anything??" Then he started laughing and asked, "When you get sunburned, does that make you an Indian??" And then he laughed so hard he lost his breath.

He said: "I have seen many Indians. But none of them had red hair or red eyes, and their skin was not the color of a fire truck. So why do you think they are called Red Men?? And Orientals are not painted by the Spirit to resemble school busses. So why are they called the Yellow Race?? Europeans were called Blue Men by the Perakee, but it certainly was not because many of them have blues eyes.

"Dividing people by skin color is another example of artificial herding. It is silly, ignorant, and dangerous! It was one of the contributing factors to not only the collapse of the Toltec empire, but the other four global civilizations as well!"

This understanding of the races of Man based on other than skin color was very hard for me to grasp. It was totally alien to what I was being taught in school. And it seemed to be completely different from what Science and Religion spouted as well. Darwinism says that we evolved from apes. So, did black people evolve from black monkeys, white people evolve from white monkeys, oriental people evolve from yellow monkeys?? Did God separate Man into colors because of the Tower of Babel as told in the Old Testament??

According to the stories of Perakee, this system of dividing men by skin color is completely ludicrous. "Before you judge men by the color of their skin, you better learn to judge them according to the color of their heart!"

There are many views of how the races of Man developed. The tradition of Perakee, as given to me by my grandpa, has its own view. This view was developed by the Toltecs, kept and handed down by the Bo tribe of the Caddo, and its tenants can be seen in all Native American traditions.

In the last few hundred years or so, Theosophists and occultists in general have developed a view of the origin of the races of Man that has become widely accepted in the West.

Blavatsky, et al, felt that the Root Races developed along the lines of a crystal, with perfect symmetry: seven Root Races with seven Sub-Races each, each with its own seven characteristics. According to this scheme, each time the world has been destroyed, a new Race has evolved from the few surviving remnants of the last civilization.

The Toltecs, at least in the Perakee tradition, felt that all men (indeed all things) have the exact same characteristics, and it is the evolution of Man's understanding of the handling of those characteristics that is the cause of the varying Races.

Outward appearances alone, such as skin color, are deceiving.

Each time Man rises to the level of becoming more than human, internal differences arise, Man becomes Man's worst enemy, and the world of Man is destroyed yet again.

What are these differences? Where do they come from? What causes them? And what causes them to continue to rise in the hearts of Man?

According to Perakee, there are 3 races of Man, and they are called: Red, Blue, and Yellow. These classifications have absolutely nothing to do with skin color. They are not based on superficial characteristics. They are based on internal characteristics that are real and, once understood, become readily apparent.


When Man was first created and he became a separate species of animal, the Yellow Race of Man was born.

Since he had no history as Man, the first Man's Instincts or Racial Memory came from when he lived as an animal.

Therefore, the Yellow energies of Man could be called the Animal Instincts of Man.

To understand the Yellow energies, all you have to do is watch the behavior of animals. The Perakee gained this understanding and applied it to Man by studying the behavior of human babies. They saw that there is much in common.

Animals and babies live only for the here and now. There is no thought of yesterday or what tomorrow may bring. If an animal is hungry, his mind thinks of nothing else other than the satisfaction of that hunger. When he finds food, he eats until he is satiated, or until the food is all gone, with no thought of rationing or saving or sharing. The next time he feels hunger, he simply goes in search of more food.

The animal lives only to satisfy his body's dictates. He eats, he drinks, he sleeps, he seeks shelter from the elements, he protects himself from danger. The only care outside himself is for his family and friends. His whole life revolves around doing what feels good and the avoidance of pain.

From this, you could say that the seven Yellow energies of Man are: Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, Shelter, Survival, Procreation, and Pleasure.

These are the basics of human needs. If any one of these things are not met, then Man will simply die out. Pleasure is a built-in guidance system. It helps us avoid things that damage the body, from poisons to falling off a cliff. "Damn that hurt! I won't do that again!!!!!

The Yellow race of Man are foragers. As long as their basic needs are being met, they feel no need to change. When the food supply runs out, or if predators move into their area, they simply change locations. They are the survivalists. They have been here since the dawn of Man. When the Blue Race is bragging about how its science and technology and 40-hour work week will revolutionize the world, and the Red Race is raving about the gods and demons and salvation of the Soul, the Yellow Race is quietly going about its business of staying alive.

Indeed, when the world of Man has been destroyed by the shenanigans of the Reds and Blues, and probably will be again, who do you think is better able to survive: the citizens of New York City or the Aborigines of Australia?

The Yellow Race is by far the oldest race of men on earth. It has survived for untold generations, perhaps millions of years before the next race, the Blue Race, even began to appear.

Three fourths of the population of the earth is made up of the Yellow Race today. It has nothing to do with skin color, and nothing to do with national boundaries. It has to do with the mindset. It has to do with how Man uses its energies. If Wall Street crashed and the world's money became absolutely useless, and we lost all use of fossil fuels and electrical generating systems, the Blue and Red Races would be virtually wiped out overnight. But the Yellow Race would hardly shrug. They might be a little inconvenienced for awhile until they relearned how to break their own horses, make their own goods by hand, and raise their own food, but life would go on.


Modern science says that the oldest human remains, called Lucy, is 3.2 million years old. And they now feel that homo sapiens, modern man, is around 200 thousand years old. Whether these numbers are accurate or not, it is readily seen that Man was around a looooooooooooong time before he began using what science calls 'cognitive abilities'.

These cognitive abilities are what the Perakee called the Blue Energies of Man.

Modern science feels that the Blue energies just came into effect very recently. But the Perakee felt that they had been a part of Man all along. The use of fire and weapons are examples of Man using the Blue energies, cognitive abilities, perhaps millions of years ago.

When we watch our children grow, we see that at first they are guided completely by the Yellow energies. They just eat, drink, sleep, cry when they are in discomfort, and lie around quietly when they feel pleasure. As they learn to crawl, walk, and talk, we see the Blue energies begin to come active. They begin to problem solve by the use of simple logic. They learn that by doing certain steps, their needs are met. At first these flashes of reasoning are sporadic. But as they reach the age of 5, the cognitive abilities begin to play an important role in the child's life. No longer is he totally dependent upon others for his needs. He learns to do much for himself.

In the exact same fashion, we can see how Man has evolved. For untold millions of generations, Man was totally dependent upon the whims of Nature to fulfill his needs. When the rains came on time, the harvests were plentiful and he lacked for nothing. He was happy.

When winter came and all the food disappeared, life was harsh.

Life for humans was one long series of feasts and famines and diseases. They were as dependent upon Nature to provide for them as newborns are dependent upon their mothers.

When the Blue energies began to rise, a whole new race of Man was born!

Man began to take control of his own life. He became skilled in providing for his own needs instead of living by the whims of Nature. All the things that separate Man from the animals began to come into existence: agriculture, science, language, mathematics, technology, metalurgy, tools, weapons, medicine, commerce, economy, cities.

These things came about as a result of the Blue energies of Man, the cognitive abilities or mental processes that no other life form on Earth seem to posesses, and could be called: Negotiation, Reasoning, Understanding, Knowledge, Logic, Compromise, and Utility.

Facets of Negotiation are exploration and experimentation. It is the ability to recognize new things, situations, and people when encountered, accepting them as such, and beginning the process that leads to successfully incorporating them into their everyday awareness. Animals do not do this. Unless something new can immediately gratify a basic need, it is completely ignored.

Reasoning is the ability to figure out what something is.

Understanding is the ability to figure out how and why it works or exists.

Knowledge is cataloguing that Understanding and remembering it for future reference.

Logic is the ability to put two seemingly unrelated bits of Knowledge together to form a whole new thing, situation, or understanding.

Compromise is the ability to accept others' conclusions as valid. Without Compromise, each of us would have to go through the entire process of leaning everything for ourselves. We could not read a book of someone else's experiences in Tibet, for example, and know something about that country before we arrive there.

Utility is the ability to put what we have learned into action.

From this small discussion of the Blue energies, you can begin to see the differences between the Yellow and Blue races. Not all humans have evolved at the same rate.

The Perakee say that 75% of the people of our planet are still living at the level of the Yellow energies. They live only to find a compatible mate, find a fulfilling job, raise a happy family, retire, grow old, and die. There is very little difference between them and the animals. To be sure, they have the ability to use the Blue energies. But they only use them sporadically, to solve the day to day problems in their lives. They care for little outside themselves, their families, and their friends. As long as they are happy and left alone, the rest of the world can go to hell!

Only about 20% of mankind live consciously on the level of the Blue energies. These are people who live and work on the cutting edge of science and technology. Some of them may work a 40-hour week at a job, but they are never 'off the clock'. Their life IS their job! They are just as apt, if not more so, to come up with a brainstorm while taking a shower at home as they are to do so while 'at work'.

Again, the Perakee did not divide men by the color of their skin or any other physical characteristic, but how they use their energies.

The Yellow race, which makes up 75% of the world's population, are the menial laborers: farmers, truckdrivers, soldiers, carpenters, salesmen, sailors, laborers, and factory workers of the world. Their hands make the food, products, and services that Man wants and needs to survive, and distributes them.

The Blue race does absolutely nothing to contribute to the actual physical labor that makes the world go 'round!

They are the vanguard of society. Their reason for existence is problem solving. They are paid, and paid well, by the Yellow race to come up with solutions that will make their lives easier, happier, longer, more fulfilling, more productive, safer.

Just as babies are dependent upon their mothers for succor, the Yellow race is dependent upon the Blue race to meets its needs. Before the Blue race evolved, they lived upon the whims of Nature. Now they look to the thinkers --- the scientists, the philosophers, the men of medicine, the government --- to provide for them. They want protected, they want assured of posterity, they want freedom, they want a safe environment to raise their children, they want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit.

As long as the Blue race provides what the masses want and need to survive, everything runs smoothly. These two races work very well together. Though the Blue race may feel haughty and set themselves apart, the Yellow race, in the end, sets the parameters of what the Blue race can do. For if their products and services are not deemed viable, the masses simply will not buy them.


Looking back through the hazy corridor of history, it appears that the Red race evolved about the same time as the Blue race. When we watch children grow, it does appear that the Red energies begin to show at the same time as the Blue energies, around the age of 5.

The stories of Perakee, however, definitely state that the Blue race evolved first, and then the Red race evolved shortly thereafter. Furthermore, it is stated that the Red race evolved as a direct consequence of the Blue race.

The Red race makes up about 5% of mankind. Yet it causes 95% of the world's problems. This 5% controls the 95%.

The Red race is, perhaps, the easiest to spot, regardless of skin color. They are born with a high degree of what could be called animal magnetism, or charisma. They are the natural leaders. Everyone feels drawn to them. They are showered with attention, affection, money, prestige, and privilege. It is not a matter of caste. There are members of the Red race found in every social and economic class, in every city, country, and group of people in the world. In STARWARS terminology, you could say that the Force is strong in these individuals!

As I have stated, fully 50% of the stories of the Perakee deal with the Red energies. They are the least understood of Man's energies, and therefore mankind is at the mercy of his Red energies. Consequently, mankind is at the mercy of those born with the natural ability to wield these energies with ease, though they themselves, for the most part, have no idea of what it is that they are doing.

When the Blue race began to rise, the first attempts at a settled community formed into the early stages of civilization. Men thought out the rules that would give them freedom. They realized that freedom and civilization can only exist where there are laws and agreement. This insight came about as a direct result of the mightiest tools at Man's diposal --- Negotiation, Reason, Understanding, Knowledge, Logic, Compromise, and Utility.

Civilization is a flimsy thing. It must be kept pliable enough to incorporate all the changes and subsequent demands placed upon it. Laws passed 100 years ago don't even make sense today. Yet at the same time civilization must be rigid enough to ensure that all men may raise thier families in peace.

As Man evolves, it tasks the Blue energies just to keep up. Each new advance pokes a hole in the fabric of society. Unscrupulous men scramble to take advantage before the lawmakers can move to patch it up.

"Each new generation must fight again the age old struggle for freedom and civilization, which is one that always must be fought for. The weak, and those unwilling to make the struggle, soon resign their liberties for the protection of powerful men or paid armies; they begin by being protected, they end by being subjected." --- Louis Lamour

You would think that because society must be maintained by the most up-to-date logic and rational reasoning, the most intelligent men of each generation would be the simplest choice for our leadership. But men like Einstein, Edison, Young, Carl Sagan, Henry Ford, and the Wright brothers are never even considered!!!

Instead, we choose to follow men with the most charisma --- kings and priests and presidents who we could show through thousands of examples down through history that the best interests of the people they perported to lead was the farthest thing from their mind.

It has been said that with enough money, Donald Duck could be run for president of the United States and win!

As long as Man is willing to turn his will and the care of his life over to an outside entity, what difference does it make whether it is President Bush, or Donald Duck, or Jesus of Nazareth? The end result is the same. He will continue to blame others for his failures, and he will continue to refuse to take credit for what he has done. There will always be wars and rumors of war.

But, what would happen if a war was called and no one showed up?? Would George and Sadam have put on the gloves and crawled into the ring and duked it out as men of honor? Hardly. There would have been a lot of name-calling and rock throwing, each afraid to throw the first punch, but more afraid that the other might!

The tool of the Red race is the spoken word. The power of the Red race is the willingness of the masses to follow them. With glib tongues they lead men around like chihuahuas on a leash.

The most email received from a single statement I have made was when I said that Jesus and Hitler were both products of the exact same energy. And I say again: Neither accomplished a damned thing, except to get a lot of people killed.

My grandpa explained: "The Red race are born with a powerful gift. Eventually, all men will be born with it. But until everyone learns to understand it, there will always be a great temptation to abuse it. The Emotions are a part of Man, just like his legs. At first, a baby's legs are useless, but then he gains control of them and he learns to walk. Just so, right now the Emotions are worse than useless. But as he learns to gain control of them, Man will learn to fly!


My grandpa was forever talking about Yellow men, Blue men, Red men, Black men, and White men. And, as I have said, it took me many years to understand that he was NOT talking about skin color!

I wish to reiterate that here, because now I am going to tell a story about Black men, and I don't want you to make the mistake I did. So, I am going to make a change. Instead of using the term 'black men', I am going to use the term 'black hearted men', or Blackhearts.

As my grandpa explained: "The physical characteristics of men, like skin color, is a product of the Wells. We don't know what the original Man looked like. It could be that men are supposed to be black in color, and something happened to the Wells that made some men lack pigmentation. Or it could be that men were supposed to be white, and something happened to adulterate the Wells that made some men darker in color. No one knows. It doesn't matter.

"All that matters is how we use the Energies that we are born with. The Races ---- Yellow, Blue, and Red --- are spread throughout the world. No one knows in what land each may have originated. Through interbreeding throughout the millions of generations since the original Man, the ablity to use the Energies in varying degrees has spread to every corner of the world.

"Wherever a people has learned to balance it components --- the Reds, Blues, and Yellows working together harmoniously --- that people has prospered. When one group enslaves the others, chaos ensues and the society collapses."

Nazi Germany could be used as an example of the above explanation. A small group gained control of a country through murder, assassination, and secret police. Most of the German people only wanted to be left alone to enjoy life, but if they refused to go along with the ruling pogrom, they were imprisoned or shot. Much has been written about WWII, and the Allies like to think they 'defeated' Germany. But it was cooler heads within the German people themselves which caused the ultimate collapse of the Nazi war machine!

Just so, the same type of battle goes on inside each person. His Yellow energies cause him to just want to be left alone to live life as he chooses, to find food and water and shelter and be healthy, to find a mate and raise a family in peace and happiness. His Blue energies are used to figure out how to make these things so, to explore and experiment to find his own niche in life, to provide for his family, to find security and safety against the elements and other men. His Red energies help him to bring order between himself and the outside world, to work toward goals and dreams only imagined, to help him realize the consequences of his actions and inactions.

When all these things are in balance, a person approaches what the Perakee called White Man. The colors begin to fade, none controlling the others. The Life Force passes through him without being tainted by impurity.

The Life Force does not pass through what the Perakee called Black Men, or Blackhearted Men. Blackhearts are opaque. The energy that comes to them is held onto greedily, and used by them to fulfill whatever they desire without regard for others. Their own wants, dreams, feelings, beliefs, needs, and logic is all that concerns them. They feel they are right and everyone else is wrong. No in-between, no compromise, no quarter, no mercy. Their world is black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. "It is me against 'them'!

The Blackheart is caused by an imbalance of the energies.

All of us go through the balancing process between the ages of 5 and 29. Many of us may be wild and crazy, even criminal, in our younger days, then settle down to be fine upstanding citizens as we mature. And vice versa.

The rulers of our civilization know these things and take advantage of them. Men are drafted at the age of 18 or 19, before they come to grips with what is right for them. I doubt you could get many 30 year olds through basic training, much less to go to a foreign land and kill strangers. And 99% of all advertising is geared toward younger audiences. There may be a few 50 year old men who agree that a certain toothpaste will make them more sexually attractive to women, but I doubt it.

But most men never gain true balance. If we did, some things simply would not work. Democracy, for instance, would become a thing of the past. What sane man would vote for someone he does not know personally. We KNOW that the candidates are only figureheads for their parties. And we KNOW that they only read speeches prepared for them by hirelings. We should fire the politicians and hire the speech writers! At least they would have an idea of the consequences of what they would be saying to the public. And if things backfired, they would have no one to blame but themselves.

As I have spent most of this site trying to explain, the battle is between the Red and Blue energies. The Yellow energies do not change, at least not within many lifetimes. All men, regardless of their race, still need food, water, shelter, and babies to continue.

But when either the Red or Blue energies take control, they begin dictating to the other energies what they will do and how they will be used. The Boss energy is not allowed to be tempered by the wisdom of the others.

The Boss energy is not allowed to be tempered by the wisdom of the others....... whether you are talking about societies or individuals.

Just as the tool of the Red race is the spoken word, the tool of Blackhearts is SLAVERY!

Slavery comes in many forms and in many guises. If you search for slavery on YAHOO!, you get 8,290,000 sites! Slavery has been a part of human history since the Red energies evolved! And is still very much alive today.....

A man who rules his home with an iron fist enslaves his wife and children. "Spare the rod and spoil the child!" For millions of years men have had as many children as possible for no other reason than getting free labor. The children either do as they are told or they are punished by whatever means the father's anger dictates. Explain to me the difference between a father beating his children for disobeying him, and a slave owner in 1800's America beating his slaves for disobeying him!

Women kowtow to their husbands' demands simply because they know it is nigh impossible to subsist and raise her children alone. She may love him to his face and in his bed, but her happiest dreams do not even involve him. Women are beat and mutilated, physically and mentally, all over the world. Many societies have rules about women obeying their husbands and remaining with him that virtually mimick the Code of Hammurabi.

A woman who forces her children to do the dishes against their will is also guilty. When her children leave home do they not proclaim just as merrily what the freed slaves proclaimed at the time of the Emancipation Proclamation: "Free at last! Free at last! Free at last!" ??

Modern economics is based upon the slave trade. Before you decide that this is just another wild statement, do a little research for yourself. Pick a major corporation and find out what percentage of its gross earnings is paid in wages and benefits. Then find out what percentage it cost slave owners in the 1800's to buy, feed, cloth, and house their slaves. Now compare the two numbers........

Priests enslave their congregations by setting themselves up as mediators between Man and 'God'. "Do as I say or you will go to hell!" What sane man could make such a statement?? Jesus never said that. The beautiful teachings of the White Man have been shredded beyond all recognition. Read a copy of any holy book in the world and you will find simple wisdom about how to achieve balance and live a balanced life. The Sermon On The Mount is about as simple as it gets. But try to shove your own interpretation down the throat of another human being and you become just another 'viper, a hypocrite and a fool, a blind leader of the blind'.

"Everything a man does is indication of his character, whether he cheats at cards or takes unfair advantage because it is legal." --- Louis L'Amour

The Blackheart is not a separate race of Man. Blackhearts can be found within the Yellow, Blue, and Red races. The Blackheart is caused by the total enslavement of the Red energy or the Blue energy by the other......

"The Moon is always angry and jealous of the Sun, because it knows it can never be as powerful. It is dependent upon the Sun for its energy, so it despises its master and is resentful. The Sun stays in the River, but it has lost much of its power without the Moon. And they are always fighting for control of the person."

You could say that the Yellow energies of Man are the Past --- what was, what has gone before. The Red energies are the Future -- what a person wants, what he desires to be, what he thinks it should be. The Blue energies are the present -- what is, the reality of the present of any given moment.

If you allow the Future -- what you desire to be, or what you think should be -- to blind you to the reality of the Present, you will be trapped in a world of your own making.

If you allow the Present -- the reality of what is -- to blind you to your Future, you will be trapped in a world of your own making.

And, just like a coyote caught in a steel trap, you will snap and hurt those around you, not even knowing why.....

Thus are the Blackhearts of the world.

As my grandpa explained: "The Perakee perceived that Blackhearts are enslaved by their own energies, and so they seek to feel free by enslaving those around them!"

The people of the world are divided by modern man into 3 broad classifications based on physical characteristics --- Oriental, Semitic, and Negroid. These characteristics, for the most part, are based on sight.

If you were in a dark room with a multitude of animals, you would be able to identify many things with your sense of touch alone. You would be able to tell a snake from a cow, a bird from an elephant, a fish from a human, a spider from a dog.

You would not be able to tell a Holstein from a Jersey, or a mamba from a king snake, a black widow from a brown recluse, or an Oriental from a Caucasian. You would be able to tell a male from a female human, and you might pick out an African if his head wasn't shaved. But for the most part, our eyes are the sole judge of the races from the viewpoint of modern man. In other words, turn out the light and we all look alike!

You might be able to tell what modern classification of race a man belongs to by using your eyes alone, but what KIND of man is he? Is he a scholar? A policeman? A farmer? A priest? A king?

If you were to put all the farmers of the world into one room, you would have people of all colors. The same with policemen. And the same with priests.

But, according to the Perakee, all the farmers would be Yellow, all the policemen would be Blue, and all the priests would be Red.

According to my grandpa, there is a very simple explanation of how this classification came about: "From a human point of view, animals only see black and white, light and shadow. But actually animals see colors differently than humans. If we were to look at the world through an animal's eyes, we would not recognize a single feature.

"When Man first appeared, he saw everything in shades of yellow. He was a hunter and a gatherer, he lived close to the land. When the next race of man evolved, he was able to see everything in shades of blue and yellow. With a superior intellect, he began to separate himself from the land, using tools and fire and clothing. And only when the last race evolved was Man able to see red. This race is totally cut off from the land. Land is a thing he owns, to be used any way he sees fit.

"As a child grows he begins using his energy in these varying ways. Because of his nature and bent, he will learn to prefer one way or another, and the majority of his thinking and acts will reflect those things associated with that type of energy. One child learns to follow the ways of his parents, his personality gels into a set pattern, and he becomes a Yellow man. Another child learns that the ways of his parents may not be the best way of doing things. He learns to experiment and think for himself, often coming up with things that his parents do not understand. His personality gels into a set pattern and he becomes a Blue man. A third child learns that his emotions serve him best. He throws a big enough fit, or performs loving acts of kindness, and his needs are almost magically met. His personality gels and he becomes a Red man."

No one really knows what causes these widely varying personality types. Two children born to the same parents, with the exact same genes, often turn out completely different. Psychologists seem to feel that this variation is caused by external influences, the way one child is raised being changed by the addition of other children in the family. Scientists seem to think the variations are caused by completely random configurations of DNA. Astrologists feel that the variations are caused by the gravitational pulls of the moon, planets, and stars from the positions they happen be in when the baby was born. Reincarnations feel the personality is formed by lessons learned in previous lifetimes. Religionists feel God put each of us here for completely arbitrary reasons of His own.

The Perakee felt that each of us is different because of where our Water was drawn from the Well.

Whatever the reason for the varying personalities and ways of using our energy, the fact remains that no two people are exactly alike. And because no two people are alike, the various groups of people on Earth, made up of these individual personalities, are not exactly alike.

According to my grandpa: "Every person is made up of the 23 colors, from the white of the Life Energy to the black of the Earth Energy, and all the shades and hues in between. Each person is a living rainbow. His colors are constantly shifting from situation to situation, depending on the energy he happens to be using at the moment. But his overall cast will remain the same. So a person may be Red-Blue, or Yellow-Blue, or Blue-Blue one moment, and be completely a different color the next."

Very few people live in the spectrums of Red-Red, Blue-Blue, or Yellow-Yellow. They are the leaders among men. Yellow-Yellow men are called Wise Ones, and lead because others see their great wisdom and simply choose to follow them. Blue-Blue men are the scientists and philosophers, and men choose to follow them because they feel their great knowledge will lead them toward a better life. Red-Red men are the Chosen Ones. They feel that Spirit put them here to rule other men, and all who agree with that assessment will follow them, for better or worse.

The colors run through all the people of Earth. And the shade used by the majority of men within a group colors the whole group.

The Oriental peoples are called the Yellow Race. My grandpa agreed with that assessment, but not because of skin color. Most people in the Orient live exactly today as they have done for thousands of years. Change comes very slowly to that part of the world. The people live close to the land, family tradition is of utmost importance to them, and life-long toil is not only seen as OK, but expected of its members.

The Europeans and Arabs were called Blue men by my grandpa. They are the experimenters and progressive thinkers of the world. Ninety-nine percent of what we would call modern changes came from these peoples.

The Arabs today are going through their own Dark Ages.

Medieval Europe came about because the Red Race took control and forced the people to bend to their wills. Religious dogma became law. All independent thought was ruthlessly suppressed. And much of the onset of the Renaissance was the result of contact with Arab thinking through the Crusades.

And almost the exact same sequence of events can be seen mirrored in the Middle East of today. Religious dogma has become law. All independent thought is ruthlessly suppressed. And much of the unrest in the Middle East is a direct result of contact with the Western world brought about by the oil fields of the Arab lands.

In a real way, you could say the West is coming to the aid of its brothers in much the same way that the East came to the rescue of its brothers 500 years ago!

I call Europeans and Arabs brothers for a very specific reason. It has been shown that Europeans and Arabs today are the descendants of Indo-Aryan peoples who migrated out of India some 5000 years ago. Even the Bible tells that 10 of the twelve tribes of Israel fled north and west and were lost.

Americans are the Red men of today, though most may not understand that statement. Modern America is much more closely allied to Native American thinking than it is to European thinking. Just as the Native American peoples were fiercely independent, and fought much with other tribes to maintain that independence, America today has become the champion of freedom all over the earth.


The people of the world can be seen as a tapestry made up of red, blue, and yellow threads. These three colors are blended together in a myriad of ways to produce all the colors of the rainbow.

The overall cast of the Oriental peoples, along with the Aborigines of Australia and native Africans, is Yellow. They have lived basically the same way for thousands of years. Tradition and Family are the most important things in their lives. Any change in this part of the world comes slowly. All changes are first weighed against its effects on Tradition and Family. And if they are seen as detrimental to these two key elements, all change is ruthlessly suppressed.

Perhaps Communism is seen as the biggest change for that part of the world in many centuries. But I am not so sure that Communism is a change. Rather, it is a culmination of Traditional and Familial thinking. The State has merely become an extended Family. The peoples' acts are expected to be for the good of the State, the State's acts are seen as being for the good of the people. A father taking care of his family, the family supporting the father. Everything is in order. "Don't rock the boat!"

I have studied Communism for many years (along with Democracy and other forms of government.) Perhaps the simplest and most direct explanation of Communism can be found at VOX NEWS at

"...... Germany was a hotbed of new ideas. The 'scientific method' was being applied to all forms of human endeavor...... Johan Fitche, in his 'Address To The German People', declared that the children would be taken over by the State and told what to think and how the think it...... Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel took over Fitche's chair at the University of Berlin in 1817, and was a professor there until his death in 1831. Hegel was a culmination of the German idealistic philosophy school of Immanuel Kant. To Hegel, our world is a world of reason. The state has Absolute Reason and the citizen can only become free by worship and obedience to the state. Hegel called the state the "march of God in the world" and the "final end". This final end, Hegel said, "has supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to become a member of the state." Both fascism and communism have their philosophical roots in Hegellianism......

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this way of thinking. Everybody working together, sharing all things in common, the State co-ordinating the activity. Everyone is just one big happy family!

The American peoples have an overall cast of Red. Everyone is free to be and do what he pleases. He can work and become whatever he chooses. He can work for the State, or he can work toward individual achievements. Nobody cares. And as long as each individual can at least FEEL free, he is happy. The State is not a separate entity, but an amalgamation of the will of the people.

Perhaps the most simple and direct explanation of Democracy was written by Edith Hamilton in THE GREEK WAY. You can find information about her and her writtings on many sites. But I have lost my copy of the book, so I can only paraphrase some of what she said:

"The Greeks ruled the Mediterranean world for 800 years. The kings grew weary of the everyday headaches of governing. So they set up a form of government called Democracy, whereby the people could run their own mundane affairs, while retaining the true reins of power for themselves."

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this way of thinking. Everyone is free to enjoy the fruits of his own labors. If a person is happy being poor and working for a factory, that is ok. If he wants to make more money, he can go to school and get a higher paying job. The choices are each individual's to make. No one cares, as long as those choices don't interfere with others' freedoms.

The overall cast of Europeans and Middle Easterners is Blue. Everything revolves around logical and rational thinking. There is upheaval in this part of the world now, but if America and China will stay out of the affair, they will work it out among themselves.

As my grandpa explained: "The trouble in Middle Earth is really quite simple. The Europeans are trying to set up American-style democracies, giving them a Blue-Red cast, and the Arabs are trying to set up Oriental-style totalitarianisms, giving them a Blue-Yellow cast. Neither Democracy nor Communism are based on Logic, therefore neither style of government will work there."

I think changes in that part of the world since my grandpa's death in 1978 are reflecting what he predicted. The Common Market has done a lot to stabilize Europe, and OPEC has done a lot to stabilize the Middle East. And I think these two groups will finally merge into a logic-based coalition that will be every bit as strong as Democracy and Communism are today.

Much of the future of the world depends on how well the Red, Blue, and Yellow folk learn to get along. If they celebrate their differences, realizing that each is beautiful and has much to offer, the living tapestry of the world's peoples will be a flag that waves proudly over the planet. But if one people decides that their view is best and tries to force the rest of the world to go along, we quite possibly could see the sixth destruction of Man!


What if each person on Earth suddenly developed truly godlike powers and could create the world of his choosing? There are reportedly around 6 billion people on Earth now. So, you could safely say, there would suddenly become 6 billion planets called Earth.

Each person has in his mind what he conceives to be the idyllic society. Pedophiles would create a society where all children run around naked, with parents who would smile and say, "Sure, you can have sex with my children. I don't mind at all." Libertines would have faucet taps in each home that dispense the alcoholic beverages of their choice free of charge, and everyone could have sex with whoever they chose, any time they chose. Pyromaniacs would be able to burn anything they wanted with no repercussions. Serial killers would be able to kill whoever and whenever the urge hit them. Megalomaniacs would be able to command all the people of their planet, all their wishes unquestionably and immediately obeyed. Religionists would be able to burn all the sinners, like in the old days. Warmongers would spend the rest of their lives killing the 'enemy', whoever that might be at the moment. And everyone, of course, would be rich!

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

If you feel that you could build heaven on earth where EVERYONE would be happy, you are insane.....

Yet, every human on Earth is destined to try to do just that. In the home, in the workplace, within the area of our own mind, wherever we have some control, each of us strives to create our own concept of Order. Unfortunately, very seldom do we find another human who agrees with our particular concept of Order.

Why? Why is it so hard to agree? Why is one person's idea of Utopia another person's idea of hell on earth?

The Perakee say it is because of the Boss energies. They say that there are 22 basic types of Perakee, and 98 basic types of Mahakah. Within these 120 kinds of humans, there are a myriad of artificial groupings. Each group feels that their ideas are the best, and that all others are wrong.

The only way to have a true Utopia on Earth is for everyone to have the exact same energy configuration. Then we would all agree on the exact same things: what is good, what is bad, what is evil, what is right, what is best. We would not have to guess what would sell, or what song people would like. All we would have to do is look at what we, ourselves, like and we would automatically know what everyone else would like.

But human life is vastly more complicated than that! There are so many shades and nuances of energy configuration that the possibilities are endless! Even with six billion people on earth, it is safe to say that no two people are exactly alike! In fact, it may even be safe to say that there have NEVER been two people with the exact same energy configuration!

All things herd together, in one form or another. Where there is one grain of sand, there is usually another nearby. Water collects into clouds, lakes, ponds, pools, streams, and wells. From galaxies to viruses, you would be hard pressed to find anything that stood truly, truly alone.

Man is no exception. Basically we group together just to be with other humans. But within the overall context of humanity, men and women band together under all kinds of pretexts. And these artificial herdings make for some very strange bedfellows, indeed. You might find the CEO of a multi billion dollar corporation at a rally for the Better Treatment of Men Who Like To Stick Things Up Their Ass!

But regardless of how you and I feel about any particular herding, the folks within that herd feel that they have every right to feel like they do, and they feel that everyone who does not agree with their feelings are somewhat weird. They will do whatever it takes to change your view, to make you one of them.

Therefore, the Perakee concluded that each grouping is, consciously or unconsciously, striving at all times to eradicate all the other groupings from the face of the earth.

If they had the power to do so, people who have had a child killed by a drunk driver would blink their eyes and all who drink and drive would be erased. Every black person who has ever been beat up by a white person would blink their eyes and all white people would be erased. Homosexuals would erase females. Lesbians would erase men. Christians would erase Moslems.

In short, if everyone on Earth suddenly obtained godlike power to fashion this world by his own desires, all human life would cease to exist.

But in today's society, with globalization, it doesn't need everyone to suddenly develop this power to cause all human life to cease to exist. It just takes one man. What if Hitler had risen to power today instead of the 1930's? To be sure, he would have been able to create an infinitely more amount of physical damage with today's technologically advanced weapons. But nuclear holocaust just may be the least damaging thing he could have done.

What would Hitler have done with the biotechnology we have available today? His dream of a Master Race would have been much more than just a wild idea. It is now close to becoming a reality, by men far less maniacal than Adolf Hitler.

You can search the internet and see for yourself some of the advances being made in many fields. Some of the most exciting, and yet most disturbing, can be seen in the field of genetic research. A good simple explanation of the advances in this field can be found at

These breakthroughs promise startling new discoveries and cures for currently fatal diseases.... A cure for cancer and Alzheimer's may only be a matter of time, but ultimately this can give the power to create a master race.... It is certain that life and death, 20 years from now, is going to be profoundly different from what we are experiencing today.... Gene therapy is trying to eliminate such disorders by replacing the mutant genes with the correct ones.... Thus a new generation of medicine is being nurtured that will replace chemotherapy with gene therapy. This calls for a new breed of genetic engineers and microbiologists to enhance the field of gene therapy. This knowledge armed for good can cure many fatal disorders, but are the people handling this technology morally aware of the consequences if this is triggered in the wrong direction? This question will be answered in the coming years.............

A few nights ago, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL aired a documentary called "Humanzee", in which it was reported that the first case of a hybrid chimpanzee/human occurred in 1926. It also told of scientific speculation of cloning humans and creating human hybrids for the purpose of cultivating spare parts for human transplants. The technology is available now. The only thing holding it back is moral and ethical questions: What are the rights of the clones and hybrids? What do we do with them once we have 'harvested' the crop? Will killing them through the harvesting constitute murder? Will we be obligated to feed, clothe, and educate them, then turn them lose in society as freeborn citizens? Or will they be slaves, expressly created to do our bidding? Should these creations even be properly called Human? Or should they be called Hucattle...... bred, raised, and then slaughtered in packing houses?

Human history is full of tales of human hybrids, from werewolves to minotaurs, from horned goddesses to cat people, from vampires to the Sphinx, from Baphomet to cloven hoofed demons, from Bigfoot to Dagon. The stories of half human/half whatever and their interactions with humans would fill enough books to build a fair sized library.

Where did all these stories come from? Are they the phantasms of mushroom popping shamans? Or the ravings of primitive and ignorant peoples? And why are these stories so enduring and prevalent, even among us today? Even Christians, one fifth of the world's population, at least some of whom are considered sane and rational, believe in Satan, a half-man/half-goat creature that will torture them forever and ever if they don't live right!

The stories of Perakee as told to me by my grandfather relate that the Toltecs were a cruel, evil, heartless race. Archaeological evidence seems to support at least part of those assertions. Toltecs, Aztecs, and Mayans, we are told by experts, sacrificed thousands of people a year for no reason other than to make the sun come up. And yet, these same experts tell us that the Mayans created one of the most accurate calendars the earth has ever known!

Is it me, or is there something wrong with the picture the experts have painted of the Toltecs??

Where did the people used for the sacrifices come from?? We are told that there were as many as 75,000 people sacrificed a year, and that this went on for a thousand years. Hmm, let's see... that comes to 75 million sacrifices. Hmmm. And these same experts tell us that there weren't 75 million people on earth at that time. Hmmmmmm

Whether these figures are grossly exaggerated or not is a moot point. There are no stories among the north or south American indigenous peoples that tell of the Toltecs, Aztecs, or Mayans capturing large numbers of people and driving them back to Central America, for sacrificing or any other purpose. And there are no stories where peoples went willingly, either.

The stories of Perakee state emphatically that we are now in the sixth globalization of Man, and that the first five were destroyed from within. Experts, of course, will say this is a fantasy.

The stories of Perakee state emphatically that Man is made up of 23 energies, from the White Life Force to the Black Earth Energy. Experts, of course, will disagree and say we are made up of 3 billion genomes and a few proteins.

The stories of Perakee state emphatically that the only way to build a Utopia on Earth is to balance these 23 energies within each individual, and that each individual is responsible for his own balance. Experts, of course, will laugh and say that is a bunch of malarkey, that the only way to have a perfect world is to allow them full control over our lives and trust that they will do what is best.

Their history does not give us much comfort for our future. Every politician, ruler, dictator, priest, and scientist that has ever lived has promised us Utopia. And we have yet to see it.

What will happen when they start meddling with the basic building blocks of life in the drive for some expert's view of Utopia?

Methinks my children and children's children are in for a very, very bumpy ride........


The herd. The horde. The mob. The teaming masses.....

It is easy to see, to catalogue, to describe, and to depict other humans in various ways. It is not so easy to realize that we, ourselves, make up the herd, the mob, the horde, the teaming masses. But it is precisely who and what we are, multiplied 6 billion times, that gives the herd its color, its character, its makeup.

Everything happening on earth today is but a reflection of yourself, just as events in history are but a reflection of the mind set of the peoples living at that time.

If your next door neighbor were to come over and start digging up the turf that you spent 5 years building, you would be angry, and would take whatever steps you deemed necessary to stop him. This is absolutely no different than one country deliberating violating the territorial rights of another sovereignty, causing war to break out.

War is nothing more than Personal Battle multiplied a few million times.

This same process can be used to explain any other global phenomenon you wish to understand. If you use wood products, even so much as a toothpick, then don't complain about deforestation. If you live in a house that needed trees to be cut in order to have a place to build it, then don't complain about the tropical rainforests disappearing. As long as you are willing to kill another human being, for whatever reason, then don't complain about others willing to kill you and your children and children's children.

Yes, yes, I know that in your own mind you are as pure as driven snow. You can rationalize and justify everything you do in life. But for each thing you do, there is someone who will hate you for doing it, and can, within their own mind, rationally and justifiably call you evil for doing it.

You brush your teeth to kill the germs that cause tooth decay: a Jain will call you a murderer because even germs were put here by God and have just as much right to live as you do. You work as a cart pusher at Wal-Mart to make an income to feed your family: owners of Mom-and-Pop stores across America who were put out of business by Wal Mart will curse you as part of an evil regime. You buy your kid a pair of tennis shoes for playing basketball: a man in Africa will spit on you with his dying breath because the money you spent on your kid's tennis shoes would have kept his family alive until the rains came....

Everything a person does in life is because of Love: love of self, love of country, love of God, love of family, love of nature, love of money, love of power, love of whatever. Love is the prime motivating factor behind all human endeavor. You could say that Love is the most beautiful thing on earth. You would also be right in saying that Love is the most evil thing on earth. It all depends on your own perspective. Love is personal desire as opposed to Cosmic Desire. It is the impulse behind your Drive. Love is an Emotion. It is a by-product of your Red Energies.

I have spent most of my life studying the Herd. The more I understand the Herd, the more I understand myself. And the more I learn about myself, the more I learn about the Herd. I was told from a young age that someday I would be the Last of the Perakee, and that a time would come when it would be my duty to explain the Herd to itself.

I was fortunate to have grown up in two worlds. I was raised white, went to school and church, spoke English, watched TV, and learned to drive a car. But I heard from my grandpa thousands of stories about Native Americans, how they lived and how they thought. And so I feel like a halfbreed. Unlike most breeds, however, I never learned to hate either of my ancestries. It did, however, set up a dichotomy within me:

"I live in two worlds now... one of peace, one of wrath. Though I am a modern man I tread an ancient path."

Having learned intimately the world of the white man and the world of the Native American, I can truly understand why the Perakee called them Blue Man and Red Man.

The base line, if you will, of European thinking is Reason. They can pretty much do anything they choose as long as there is (at least in their own mind and if they can convince others of the soundness of their argument) a logical and rational reasoning behind the action. Their religion is rational: "God had to be born as a man in order to atone for man's sins. Hell, any dumbass can see that!"

And they have well thought out laws and government: "..that the whole should protect all its parts, and that every part should pay obedience to the will of the whole; or, in other words, that the community should guard the rights of each individual member, and that (in return for this protection) each individual should submit to the laws of the community; without which submission of all it is impossible that protection could be extended to any." --- Blackstone

Native Americans in the days of Columbus' discovery of the New World would not have been able to comprehend such sentiment. The base line of their thinking was, and still is to a large extent, Emotion. If they had banded together under one ruler, there is no way Europeans could have conquered them. But they were too busy counting coup, stealing neighboring tribes' horses, and trying to impress the young squaws, than to think about a concentrated and extended campaign against an invader. A man, or woman, became a leader simply because people followed them. And if that leader began to show incompetence, his followers simply dropped away. They understood to perfection that the first prerequisite for being a boss is to find people dumb enough to follow you!

Each person was not only encouraged but expected to have and follow their own dreams. A man without a vision was a nobody. A man who had a dream but chose not to follow it was treated with contempt. But a man who had the strength to follow his vision, even in the face of aridity, was accorded a special place in the hearts of the people.....

America became a major world power within 200 years of its founding because of its ability to combine the power of European logic and Native American vision. I don't think it has ever been considered, but folks with a mixture of European/Asian/Negro and Native American blood are by far the largest 'minority' in the New World! The conquered race was not exterminated, leaving only a few pockets of 'reservation Indians'. They were incorporated. Very seldom can you find anyone in north or south America who cannot lay claim to Native American blood running through their veins.

"He was white, she was red.
If the folks found out, they'd both be dead!
Oh, the games they played
By the creek where the water runs red......"


"Grandfather said, You are a special one;
Two bloods battle in your veins: the Moon and the Sun....."


"My father's words are gone. They've all but been erased.
But the Old Ways never died..... they've only been replaced.
Law and order is over and confusion takes its place,
But the truth you can't deny when it slaps you in the face!
Dog Days are on us, like the full moon in August.
It's the year of the Wolf! Again they walk among us!
And a thousand eyes are shining....."

The history of the world of Man is one of Empire, war and rumors of war, countries and religions and ideologies and family feuds and personal battles..... impulses to conquer all who disagree. First it was with hands, then it was with sticks and stones, and then it was hacking each other to bits with swords, and then it was with bullets and hand grenades. And now it is coming to radiation, laser technology, and biological and chemical agents.

But no people has ever been eradicated without leaving its mark on us all. In modern parlance you could say that all man's history is recorded in the DNA line that can be traced back to the original Man. An occultist might say that it is all recorded in the Akashic Record. The Perakee say that your Life Force, with all you have learned, flows back into the Earth when you are finished with it, to be held in sacred reserve for whoever needs it next. Even Christians, who feel that each person is born with a brand new Soul, say that babies are born into sin, tainted by the Fall of Adam.

My grandpa used a variety of models to illustrate how each person is created, born, and then consequently lives his life. For a modern analogy we might use the computer as a model:

When a man decides to build a computer, that is like the sperm and egg coming together. The idea to build is the fertilization process. Bringing together all the components to build the hardware is akin to the fetus growing inside the womb, building itself from a blueprint obtained from the amalgamation of the mother's and father's chromosomes.

"Each chromosome contains many genes, the basic physical and functional units of heredity. Genes are specific sequences of bases that encode instructions on how to make proteins. Genes comprise only about 2% of the human genome; the remainder consists of non coding regions, whose functions may include providing chromosomal structural integrity and regulating where, when, and in what quantity proteins are made. The human genome is estimated to contain 20,000-25,000 genes."

Only about 2% of the chromosomal material we get from our parents is used to build the hardware, the human body, and keep it functioning throughout our lives. The other 98% is our bios...

bios --- Acronym for basic input/output system, the
built-in software that determines what a computer can
do without accessing programs from a disk. On PCs, the
BIOS contains all the code required to control the
keyboard, display screen, disk drives, serial
communications, and a number of miscellaneous

98% of a computer is wasted space, a house built to hold the hard drive. The hard drive is the heart of a computer, basically nothing more than a device to hold the bios. Everything else --- the RAM, the CPU, the modem, the video card, the monitor, and the keyboard are all tools to input data to the hard drive and process the results that it gives back based on that data.

Identically, 98% of the human body is nothing more than a life support and input system for the brain, which is basically nothing more than a device to hold.....WHAT? The basic human input/output system (or hios), the built-in software that determines what a man can do......

The Pierce of the Earth Arrow is like plugging in the computer to an electrical outlet for the first time. Turning on the computer is like being born: you finally get to see what has been created. If you built your computer to exact specifications, you will be ready to start downloading the software you will need to perform whatever tasks you desire. If the baby has developed according to exact specifications, he will be ready to start learning how to live in his new environment. The quality of the software you download will determine, to a great degree, the proficiency of your new computer.

Likewise, the love and care, or lack thereof, the education, the religious upbringing, the quality of nourishment he receives, will all determine, to a great degree, the ability of the baby to negotiate his new world. As the computer moves to take its rightful place among the internet, the baby grows to become a viable part of the Herd.

There is a basic difference between computers and humans, however. Computers use a binary code: zero and one, open and closed. They are supremely predictable and precise. Humans use a trinary code: Red, Blue, and Yellow, or Instinct, Reason, and Emotion.

Perhaps someday someone will invent a trinary code for computers: open, closed, and maybe. Then they will be truly as unpredictable as humans!

My grandpa gave me the basic understanding to comprehend the Herd in the 1960's, many years before DNA and computers were understood, and he received this understanding from his grandpa, whom he had last seen in 1909, who had received this understanding in the 1870's from his grandfather. He explained:

"The herd is made up of people JUST LIKE YOU! And you are nothing more than a big glob of Yellow energy, with a thin coating of Red and Blue. You can display all the emotion you like, whether it be anger, love, or hatred, and you can reason everything out and come to all the logical and rational conclusions you choose, but you will still be, and always will be, a Man. You are the product of a billion ancestors! Understand that, and all else will balance."


You are the product of a billion generations of ancestors.......

Allowing that each generation averages 20 years, that would make Man about 20 billion years old. Well, we know that can't be true, because science says the Earth is only four and a half billion years old.

Science is a marvelous enterprise. It houses the epitome of Man's logical and rational thinking year by year. It changes constantly. When new evidence is found, it supersedes previous thinking, and so science progresses of its own momentum.

Each member of earth society is expected to embrace the current scientific conclusions. If a person does not, then he is considered very stupid, ignorant, superstitious, backward, and an object of scorn and derision. About like how a scientist would view me after reading this site.

At one time, it was considered scientific fact that the Earth was flat and that the entire universe revolved around the Earth. If you took a science test 500 years ago and wrote any other answer, you would have failed the test and would have been considered a dunce.

"Anyone can look back and see how ignorant they were
20 years ago, but can you look forward and see how
ignorant you are now?"

Well, science can't!

Almost every year scientific fact changes. But you are not allowed to have your own opinions until science comes up with them! Strange. If you come up with an idea before science does, you are considered an idiot. But then when science comes up with the exact same conclusion, you must then accept that opinion or be considered an idiot! And some other man will accept and be given the credit for coming up with the knowledge that you held all along. He will be considered a genius, while you will be forever branded a crackpot......

"There has long been a serious dissatisfaction with
our scientific knowledge and beliefs, both from
mainstream scientists and science enthusiasts alike.
Our scientists' response is to merely invent often
wild, abstract, fanciful theories (warped space-time,
quantum mechanics, time-dilation, and now "Dark
Matter", "Dark Energy", etc.), while amateur
enthusiasts often invent their own "alternate
theories" that typically end up in the "crank"
or "crackpot" category. Either way, both approaches
have left us with quite a scientific mess."
Mark McCutcheon in his THE FINAL THEORY

Science considers Man to be between 4 and 9 million years old. Eventually that estimate will be pushed farther back as more and more evidence is uncovered and accepted by the scientific community.

There has already been much discovered that points toward Man being in excess of 250 million years old. But it has not been accepted by the scientific community. There are thousands of sites on the internet, and hundreds of books available, about these discoveries. They are labeled "forbidden archeology" in some texts, "archaeological anomalies" in others. You can read about everything from bullet holes found in Neanderthal skulls to strange objects made of strange metals found in layers of rock formed before the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Scientists have a problem. They either have to: a) explain away EVERY such discovery as a hoax; b) come up with a wild, abstract, fanciful theory that explains all the pieces, like maybe earth was visited by space aliens from a much more advanced civilization; or c) come to the logical and rational conclusion that my grandpa explained to me when I was a child, "Man is much, much older than science realizes!"

One of the great mysteries that scientists are trying to understand is: How did Man's brain triple in size in only 3 million years? It should have taken a minimum of 250 million years!!!

Well, the obvious logical and rational answer is: Man's brain did not triple in size in only 3 million years. It took 250 million years!

A thousand years from now, or maybe 10 thousand years from now, science may invent machines that can detect evidence of Man's long true history. They may be able to piece together all the "archaeological anomalies" and know, beyond all doubt, that Man has risen to great heights many times, only to destroy itself over and over again.

Scientists may even learn what every Native American has already known for thousands of years.......

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust......."

All things upon the earth eventually return to the earth. Mountains rise and are eroded down again. Plants and animals live and then die, their bodies going back into the soil from whence they came. Plants draw nutrients from the earth that were once used to make the bodies of former living things. Animals eat the plants. Men eat the plants and animals. Then they die, too, and their bodies begin the cycle all over again. Nothing is wasted. The nutrients are used over and over and over.

When a baby is born, whether he be human, animal, plant or microbe, he draws his energy from the earth. He uses that energy throughout his life to keep him alive. When he dies, the energy flows back into the earth. Another baby is born and draws that same energy back from the earth that other entities used to keep them alive. The cycle repeats. Nothing is wasted. The energy is used over and over and over.

Simple. So very, very simple.

Elder's Meditation of the Day November 5
"You could study the ancestors, but without a deep
feeling of communication with them it would be
surface learning and surface talking. Once you have
gone into yourself and have learnt very deeply,
appreciate it, and relate to it very well, everything
will come very easily."
--Ellen White, NANAIMO

Inside of every human being are our ancestors, and
these ancestors still live. Today, the white man
calls this DNA, but there is more than DNA. We
have the ability to go inside of ourselves and learn
from the ancestors. The ancestor teachings reside in
the place of the center. The ancestors are waiting
for us to come there so they can share the ancient
teachings.It is said, "Be still and Know". Great
Spirit, let me walk in the stillness.

What are the ancestors that native Americans talk about?

Science strives to find out what the first humans were like, and feels that by tracing the linage of humans, they will be able to answer all our questions. But that will only tell us part of the answers, because humans evolved out of something else, and that something else contributed to the DNA that is still part of all of us.

Science tells us that we evolved out of apes. But logic and reason tells us that that is not so. Apes are still here today, apparently not much different than they were millions of years ago, while Man has gone almost totally bald and gotten much smarter. Why didn't all monkeys evolve into Man?

That would appear to have been the normal course. But Man and Ape, while being 98% identical genetically, have developed along distinctly separate avenues of evolution. Logically and rationally, this would appear to conclude that Man and Ape evolved from a common ancestor, rather than Man evolving from Ape!

Who was that common ancestor? A horse? A fish? A bug? A virus??

Any of these conclusions would draw hoots and jeers from the scientific community, and most certainly animosity from the religious community. Yet common sense dictates that we accept either a) Man was one of the first group of life forms that appeared on the earth, or b) Man evolved out of something else, which evolved out of something else, which evolved out of something else, all the way back down the line to when the first lightning bolt struck the earth and the very first entity was brought to life.

Either way you choose to look at it, Man has been on earth,
in one form or another, in excess of one billion years!!!

These ideas did not originate with me. I am not another Albert Einstein or Terrence McKenna. If anything, you could call them an amalgamation of Native American and scientific thinking. They evolved out of a world view given to me as a child from my grandfather that demands I keep an open mind about all things at all times.

"Accept all data as distinct possibility while
rejecting all data as distinct improbability!"

In order to demonstrate what I am talking about, let me build an alternate view of history just for you. I readily admit that, while it may be a possibility, it will be highly unlikely. But it will incorporate many of the 'archaeological anomalies', as well as some thinking currently accepted by scientific theory. I will call it:


About a billion years ago, Man rose to great heights. He achieved a global community with scientific and technological advances much like we have today. Because of great medical learning, the earth soon became overpopulated.

And so Man began looking for better ways to feed all the masses. They experimented with bioengineering to increase the supply of Man's favorite food: chicken.

They reasoned that if they could make bigger chickens, then fewer would have to be grown and butchered to feed more people, and so increase profits while satisfying the demands of the people. They created powerful growth hormones that made chickens grow to 8 feet tall.

This was wonderful. All the people were fed. And it took only a fraction of the number of chickens. And so all the people got lazy, since they no longer had to work so hard to have food.

Well, then the chicken farmers got jealous. They felt that it was unfair that they had to work so much, while everyone else got to sit around and watch TV. So the scientists searched for a way to make chickens need less supervision. They worked on the problem of making them stronger, and being less helpless, because the biggest problem was that predators love chicken, too. Without human intervention, all the chickens were killed and eaten by hawks, wolves, and lions.

So, the scientists decided to cross the chicken with an alligator, and make it even bigger. This way, when a predator came around, the chicken would just eat it, and therefor the chickens would require less feeding from the humans. They could live on their own without having to be supervised. So now all the people, even chicken farmers, got to sit around and watch TV.

But the people then got into one of their occasional suicidal fits, which they always do when they get too much time on their hands, and had a world war. Because of all the super powerful weapons, almost all mankind was wiped out.

That left the chicken/alligator hybrids to fend for themselves. They kept getting bigger and bigger because of the growth hormones they had been given, and some got more vicious as they evolved into other species of animals. They soon overpopulated the earth, and Man was relegated to just a lower rung of the food chain.

This is how dinosaurs came into being.

The above is an example of a story that my grandpa might have told. All his stories incorporated humor. He loved to laugh, and so made all those around him laugh. My brother and I would always say, "Grandpa, that didn't really happen!", and he would end up saying, "Why would I lie about a thing like that?? Prove to me that it did not happen just that way!" Of course, we would not be able to find the flaws in his story. We would always have the feeling that he was pulling our leg. But we would always be left with the feeling that the story could be true.

Science advances in the exact same way. A scientist may discover something that falls totally outside currently accepted thinking, so he ignores it as just another 'archaeological anomaly'. Then another scientist discovers something that doesn't quite fit in, but he remembers what the other scientist found and comes up with a theory that incorporates the new findings. IF that new theory is accepted by other scientists, then science incorporates that into its thinking and moves on.

Of course, it doesn't always happen that smoothly. Often it takes years for the new theory to be accepted, after every avenue has been exhausted to find flaws in the theory. But once it is accepted, scientists will latch onto the new theory just as strongly as they did Flat Earth Theory, and many lives may be crucified before someone comes along and proves that theory as poppycock!

Often a theory never gets fully accepted by everyone, but enough people DO accept it so that divisions are created. Both factions will fight over their pet beliefs until they are too old to care any more, much like religionists argue over which religion is right.

You would think that people would learn. Nothing that they hold to be true is true. Today's facts are nothing more than the fashion of the times.


The Earth is a rather large chunk of real estate. It weighs, according to scientists, six sextillion tons. (A sextillion is 1 with 21 zeroes.) If something started eating the Earth at the rate of a billion tons a second, it would take 31,275 years to eat it all.

And yet, as big as the Earth is, it is nothing compared to the vastness of space. It could not even be seen from the nearest star (other than our Sun), which is only 4 and a half light years from here, with our most powerful telescopes. The number of stars visible from Earth with current technology is set at 70 sextillion (that 70 million million million), and the farthest visible object that has been seen from Earth is set at 13 billion light years! You can do the math yourself, if you like. A light year is the distance light theoretically travels in one year in a vacuum, which is 5.88 trillion miles. So multiply that times 13 billion and you have the radius of the Known Universe!

And yet, according to science, the earth and everything in it and everything that is in all that vastness of space is made up of tiny particles. Every child in grade school is taught the atomic theory as fact, and doesn need much explanation here. An atom is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The number of each of these determines the type of atom it is, whether it be hydrogen or gold. And the proportion of combinations of these individual atoms determine the differing substances in the universe. For instance, two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to make water. All things are formed in this manner.

In other words, everything is made up of the exact same things: protons, neutrons, and electrons. Rubber is soft and different colors. Fresh baked bread smells delicious. Carbon monoxide is deadly poison and colorless. Glass is mighty fragile. Steel is mighty hard. Chicken tastes really good when it is cooked right. Clouds float in air. And rocks sink in water. We could literally name thousands of things, each with its own properties of taste and feel and smell and utility and color. And yet, all are made up of the exact same things protons, neutrons, and electrons.

We cannot live without water, but we cannot breathe water, even though it is made up of the exact same things as oxygen. How can this be??

Well, science has come up with ways to explain it, but it takes a degree in physics to understand their thinking. You would have to learn about mass and spatial density and molecular bonding and magnetism and orbital revolution and inter atomic surfaces and boundaries of atomic basins and distribution of charge. And this is just part of the basics. "An atom can be alternatively defined as a region of real space bounded by surfaces through which there is a zero flux in the gradient vector field of the electron density. This is clear from the fact that an interatomic surface is defined by the set of trajectories that terminate at a point where (r) = 0. Thus an inter atomic surface satisfies the "zero-flux" boundary condition stated in equation (1)."

The atomic theory began initially in ancient Greece, as a direct result of observation, and was first used for philosophical argument. For eons Man had watched the heavens and began to realize that everything revolved around something else. Somebody came up with the idea, 'As above, so below.' All the Mahakah nodded their heads wisely and said, "That makes sense! And so eventually they decided that since everything above revolves around something, then everything around us must revolve also. But since they could not see things revolving, they decided that whatever is revolving must be too small to see. And so the atomic theory was born.

Then the act of observation itself came under scrutiny. They knew that sight was one of the five senses which Man uses to receive data from the world around us. They came to understand that 4 of the 5 senses were based on direct physical contact with that world; i.e., touch is direct contact with solid objects, taste and smell are reactions to chemicals that we eat or breathe, and hearing is the reception of vibrations of air that is interpreted as sound by our ears. And so logic and reason dictated that sight must also be based on direct physical contact.

But contact with what??

Thinking men realized that sight can only take place when some form of Light is present. Therefore, Light must be a physical thing that causes our eyes to react in much the same way that our other senses react to physical stimuli. Photon was the name given to units of Light, and controversy has raged about them ever since. Some say they are particles, some say they are waves, some say they are both, some say they are either/or depending on the application. It was determined that white light, which is made up of seven basic colors, travels at 186 thousand miles a second in a vacuum, but that the colors themselves travel at varying speeds. Strange. The reason we see objects is because Light bounces off solid objects and is detected by our eyes. All the colors of Light are absorbed by the objects, except the hue that we see, so we can never actually see white Light. Very strange. And black is the absorption of ALL the colors, so exactly what our eyes receive to give us the impression of the color black is beyond me.

But Light can shine on an object for a very long time and, even though photons are continuously being absorbed, there is no measurable weight added to the object. Therefore, it was determined that photons had velocity, but no mass. Well, some scientists logically and rationally concluded that that is a bunch of crap, because everything MUST have mass! So they decided that photons were so small that they could not be weighed, nor their presence have any impact at all on protons, neutrons, or electrons. From mathematical equations (because there can certainly be no observation at this size) it was determined that everything, including protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons, was made up of smaller objects, and to grasp this reasoning you have to understand quarks, bosons, fermions, muons, tauons, neutrinos, mesons, anticolors, antiparticles, sparticles, electroweak forces, gravitons, and supersymmetric partners of ordinary particles, until you get to the smallest things that the human mind has conceived so far, the Superstring.

"Ordinary matter comes in all sizes, and is made up of numerous parts: The smallest molecules are around one hundred-millionth of an inch in diameter; an atom is around 10 billionths of an inch in diameter; a proton is about 100,000 times smaller than an atom; a superstring is about 100 billion billion times smaller than a proton. Simply put, superstring theory says that all things and forces are manifestations of different resonances of tiny one-dimensional membranes vibrating in ten dimensions. They're so small that our most precise machinery is too crude to detect them."
Found at:

And so, basically (and I know this is a gross oversimplification, guys), science has built us a picture of a universe that is 26 billion light years in diameter and made up entirely of particles that are one millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter in diameter.

Five hundred years of research and science is almost to the realizations that Native Americans have had all along!

I heard my grandpa say many times: "Look around you, boy! You see flesh, and rocks, and cloth, and metals, and plants, and sky, and earth. Each has its own color, texture, size, shape, and smell. Each is different as can be. And yet, each is made of the exact same thing! So, why is one green and another brown? One soft and another hard? One smooth and another rough? One clear and another opaque?

"There is only one answer that makes sense. I will tell you the answer, but until you understand it for yourself, it will only be empty words. Once you come to accept this one simple fact, all things will balance for you. There will be no more doubt. And the Earth will tell you many things.

"Though all things are as different as they can be, they have one thing in common.....

"They are all alive!"

Scientists are so very close to understanding this for themselves. My grandpa taught me about all things being made of energy, as he learned about it from his grandfather, who learned it from his. The Perakee did not call these energetic manifestations 'Superstrings', though. They called them White Energy, or simply Life Force!

They envisioned this life force flowing from the stars to the Earth, where it was held in sacred reserve until it was needed, to be used by all living things. Life Energy was seen as White in color. Earth Energy was seen as Black in color. The Perakee taught that all life was the result of the mating between these two Colors, and all the colors of the rainbow were their children. They saw that mankind existed in this very narrow spectrum where Life Energy meets Earth Energy. A blending or overlapping of the two energies is what makes us alive. The Earth Energy is our physical bodies, and the Life Energy animates it and gives us our mind and thought processes.

They did not feel, however, that organic Life is the only result of this blending of the two Colors, but all Creation as well. They knew full well that there are an unlimited number of energies within the Life Energy, as well as an unlimited number of energies within the Earth Energy. Some of these are used by Man in ways we cannot comprehend to uphold our world. But they are also used by other entities in ways that we cannot comprehend. Mahakah does not even accept these other entities as life forms, but they sure do mimic us in many ways!

For example, Fractalization. Organic life forms, whether it be mankind, red oak trees, or blue mouthed bass, reproduce themselves according to what we call DNA patterns. Crystals, paper, and water do the exact same thing. A quartz crystal does not breed an ammonia crystal. Where you find one molecule of paper, you will more than likely find another molecule of paper. And when two atoms of hydrogen get together with one atom of oxygen, they form water EVERY time! There may not be recognizable DNA involved, but some pattern does exist that causes all things to multiply.

My grandpa once told me that if I were to put a piece of gold into a box and bury it, then came back and dug it up in a million years or so, the box would be full of gold. He said the gold would multiply. Not only would the original gold be there, but all of its children as well!

Another example of how inanimate objects act like organic life forms is Herding. If inanimate objects did not flock together, very much like plants and animals, it would be extremely difficult to drink a glass of water, for instance. Or to go out and gather enough aluminum molecules to build an airplane. Or to stick enough pieces of granite together to build a tombstone. And we would have a hell of a time trying to raise our families if the iron and nickel and stuff had not been courteous enough to bind together and make the Earth!

Some day some scientist is going to combine superstring theory and fractalization and come up with the Theory of Everything, maybe even mathematically proving that Life Force is actually the tenth or eleventh dimension. They will know beyond all doubt that nothing is making the superstrings vibrate. They are vibrating because they choose to.

They vibrate because they are alive!