The Legend of Perakee

by Larry Brinkley

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Every story you encounter in life has the potential to help you find the keys to unlock the power and knowledge that lies hidden inside of you. It doesn't matter if it is a story you heard from Larry the Cable Guy, or a movie you watched like WILLIE WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, or a story you read like The Legend of Perakee. All stories are nothing more than stories unless you can use the information to somehow change your life.

Everyone has their own stories, their own tales of power, if you will. But most people feel their own stories are powerless. So they seek other peoples' stories. It seems the more outlandish the story, the more people flock to become a part of it, even if vicariously.

"Yeah, there I was, a great Jedi Knight, when I suddenly found myself surrounded by Darth Vader's evil minions. I drug out my trusty Light Sabre and hacked them all to pieces. Princess Leah was so grateful she gave me a big ole sloppy sugars!!"

Some have deliberately embellished their stories to give them greater power in the eyes of themselves and their fellow man. We hear stories of golden tablets delivered by angels that mysteriously disappear after being read, or strange Yaqui sorcerers from central Mexico that no one else has ever met, or falling down blind on the road to Damascus, or being abducted by space aliens who really care about us but choose to give their messages of hope to a selected few instead of using live television to announce their existence.

And there are some who try to build a mystery around themselves, apparently in an effort to make people think they do not have the normal human weaknesses. But the truth always comes out, and we hear stories of charlatanism, income tax evasion, visits with prostitutes, lawsuits, and eyewitness accounts of starving children who never received a penny of the millions in donations supposedly collected just for them.

But there are those who I look on with especial disfavor, and fortunately most of the world does too. These ones are after gold, pure and simple, and could care less how much damage they do to those who follow them. They use words of love and caring to lure the unfortunate, the downtrodden, the young into cults that often turn into hells on earth. We hear stories of cyanide-laced Kool-Aid, forced child labor, rape, suicide, and murder.

Every man, woman, and child on this earth has his own stories to tell. And we tell them incessantly to each other and to ourselves. We tell endless stories about our needs, wants, desires, expectations, troubles, frustrations, and successes, to our friends, families, children, co-workers, strangers that we meet, anyone at all who will sit still long enough to listen.

"You can write a book on every man who has ever lived
And still not comprehend all that life can give.
Everybody's got it,
But nobody gets it!"

No two people are the same. No two people live the same life. Our backgrounds are different, our environments are different, our bodies are different. Our tastes, motivations, and dreams vary, often from day to day. Therefore, no two people have the same story to tell.

And yet, though different as different can be, we are all the same. Each of us is tapped into a seemingly mysterious power that dwells inside ourselves. It forms the basis of our entire lives whether we ever become consciously aware of it or not. Most of us never realize that this Wisdom can only come from Inside. We tend to ascribe these feelings of certainty, that we all have, to outside entities. We fail to take responsibility for our own gains and failures.

About a year ago a life-long friend of mine came by and saw me writing on this site, then went home and read it himself. About a week later he came back and said, "You know, I knew your grandpa better than you did. He used to come to my dad's pool hall and play dominoes, so I got to know him pretty well. And he wasn't like any of those stories you wrote about him. Either he made them up, or you did!"

Even my wife of 38 years says, "Where do you get that crap!?!" She is a born-again Thumper, who believes everything important has already been written in the Bible, and that everything else is either redundant or a lie.

My grandpa, Preacher Hoover, though he was a very public man, giving thousands of sermons throughout his career, never told anyone else about the Perakee, as far as I know. When I questioned my mother, after his death, she had no idea what I was talking about.

I have tried to follow in my grandpa's footsteps. Though I go to work every day, having met many met many thousands of people in my life, I have only spoken about the Perakee to a trusted few. And until I started writing on this site, I have never told the story. Indeed, I have yet to tell the whole story.

I stopped writing on this site when I started receiving emails offering to help me turn my writings into a money making proposition. These teachings were freely given to me, and I give them freely to you, to use as you see fit, for no other reason than I enjoy telling stories to those who enjoy listening to them, the same way my grandpa did, the same way his grandpa did. Toh told them around the campfire, Preacher Hoover flung them from the pulpit, and now I use the internet. Different words, different venues, same stories.

Something has been pushing me these last three years to write more. A part of me says, "You have so much more to tell." Another part of me says, "You have told too much already!"

I found out recently that I have not much longer to live. My doctor told me that if I don't stop drinking, smoking, and chasing wild women, I probably wouldn't last another 40 or 50 years! So if I am going to write anything more, I better get started. It will probably take me that long to finish.

So, let me make a deal with you, one that maybe we can both live with. Take a jar and write 'Perakee' on it. If you read a story that helps make a little sense out of your world, stick some money in your jar. When you get enough in it, go buy yourself a good meal. You worked hard for it, and you deserve it.

OK, then. Gather around the fire. The pipe has been lit and offered to the four corners. Hear my story......


Elder's Meditation of the Day - June 4

"Wakan Tanka never stops creating."
--Archie Fire Lame Deer, LAKOTA

The Medicine Wheel teaches about change. It says that which is created will fall apart; that which is loose, will be used to create new. In other words, everything on Earth is participating in a constant change that is being directed by an order of laws and principles which were originated by the Great Spirit. We humans are equipped with natural change abilities. We have the ability to vision; we can use imagination and imagery; we can change belief, attitude, habits and expectations. We need to know ourselves and we need to know how we work inside to enable us to change naturally.
found at

It never ceases to amaze me to read about the Yellow Energies of Man. Stories can be found from modern day Medicine Men of the Native American tribes to the ancient writings of Sumeria, from Carl Sagan to Carlos Castaneda to U.G. Krishnamurti, from the READER'S DIGEST to all the world's great religions. But they have no idea what it truly is of which they are speaking.

Many folks around the world from time immemorial have found balance. And when they do, they are amazed at what they find. The Yellow Energies begin to rise. They were there all along, but they were overshadowed by the clamoring of the Red and Blue energies. It is like turning off a motor and suddenly hearing the radio playing. It had been playing while you were working, but you could not hear it over the sound of the motor.

The Instincts are the go-between energies that connect the Earth Energies to the Life Force. They control all aspects of human behavior. But because they are so misunderstood, they have been called everything from gods to demons to ascended masters.

The Yellow Energies of Man are the Grandfather of the Perakee Way, the Father of Jesus, the Way of Taoism, the Tian of Confucius, the Nagual of Castaneda, but they are also the Lucifer of Satanists.

The writings and teachings of folks who have found balance have led to an amazing variety of religions, philosophies, sects, and cults. Buddhists feel that any person who has awakened from the "sleep of ignorance" (by directly realizing the true nature of reality), without instruction, and who teaches this Path To Awakening to others is called a Buddha. Christians and Moslems feel their Enlightened One is the one and only, and all who disagree are considered lost.

"How much longer must we endure the priests of the world? When will we learn that there are not two million gods, or twenty thousands sects, or ten major religions...... but only one?"
Eric Von Daniken (paraphrased) in CHARIOTS OF THE GODS?

In the Mysteries, a person is taken higher and higher, by degrees, being shown more and more abstract symbols of God, until he is finally taken into an empty room, shown an empty box where a curtain is pulled aside, and a voice whispers, "There is no God." Then, and only then, will he have risen to his rightful place among the stars. For no longer can he blame another for his failures, and he must accept responsibility for what he has done.
source unknown

The human need for a reason to live sprang up religion; that hierarchy where humans are no longer supreme, but must answer to a higher, judging, being. The idea that there is a greater one, expecting improvements, discourages the species from being satisfied with merely taking life and the world as it comes, but rather to improve. The older sibling expecting you to do it, and encourages you on the way, is an idea that forms the basis of many deities. These deities become surrounded in more stories and myths, fleshing out hopes into "facts".....Thus the paradise illusion/memory/myth common to much of humanity created an idea which has managed to drive countless wars, treaties, and treatises......The cultural memory is passed on generation to generation (l'dor va'dor); from mother to child. In the folk tales of princes and dragons and witches and goblins, we instill the ideas and memories of a people gone, yet still carried on into the present, and, ultimately, the future.
Excerpts from Zarmvenius

No one is saying that there is no ultimate authority or creator for the Universe. But it is rather obvious to any thinking man that whoever or whatever this BIG DUDE IN THE SKY is, It is far beyond the capability of Man to understand.

How can it be otherwise?? Millions of pages have been written, billions of words have been spoken, trying to show Man the way to the godhead. And they have all failed. If this were not so, then the world would have found peace long ago. There would be no war, no starving people in this world of plenty, no tyrants slaughtering the innocents, no greedy men enslaving and destroying the Earth for personal gain, and certainly no need for religion and government.

Jesus was not a Christian, Buddha was not a Buddhist, Mohammad was not a Moslem.

Each of these great men followed the teachings of their society until they came to the realization that all teachings can only take them so far. They came to understand that which no teaching can give only after they denounced the world and went into isolation: Jesus went into the desert; Mohammed into the cave; and Buddha sat under a pipal tree. Each told their stories in the simple vernacular of their tribe. Billions have followed their teachings, even today. And you have only to look around you to see how much good they have done.

Any man who calls himself a Master is not a master. Any man who says he is Guru is not a guru. Any man who proclaims himself a Nagual is not a nagual. Any man who says he is a Medicine Man is not a medicine man. These men and women are using what they have found to build a business out of it. They are only pilfering gold and adoration from the masses.

In the immortal words of my grandpa: "A man may call himself whatever he likes, but he still craps and farts!"

The most any human being can hope for is to find their own balance. And no human agency can do that for them.

All Finding Balance means is to allow all your Yellow Energies to rise by not allowing your current favorites to control them. They are simple to understand, so very simple, and everyone knows what they are. They are: Breath, Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, Shelter, Pleasure, and Procreation. Without the fulfillment of these things, Mankind will simply cease to exist. They are the Instincts. Everything Man does revolves around their dictates. They control, ultimately, all Man does, has ever done, and will ever do while he is alive.

If you have any doubts about this particular facet of the teachings of the Perakee Way, then try a simple little experiment: Refuse to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep for 30 days. Pray to your particular concept of God to heal your sickness and pain, to protect your body during this 30 day period. If you are still alive, call me! We REALLY need to talk!

The last Yellow Energy, while no less important, will take longer to test: Become homosexual, and convince the whole world to become either homosexual or celibate, so the no babies are ever born again. Within one hundred years the human race will be no more.......

But of course, the Red and Blue Energies, being much younger and full of piss and vinegar, will haughtily cry, "No, no, no! We are the most important thing in the whole universe! If you don't worship God, we will all die!!!! If Science doesn't find a way to cure all Man's ills and discover the secrets of the Universe, we will all die!!!!!!!!!"

Perhaps this is so. But one thing I can most assuredly tell you is: If Man doesn't bring his Red and Blue Energies under control soon, we will most certainly die. Religious war on a global scale, instigated by the Red Energies, will be a real pain in the ass. And global domination through the New World Order advocates, instigated by the Blue Energies, with their policies of control and slavery, will be no picnic either. Five times this has happened before, and each time resulted in the destruction of the world as we know it.

Each person is responsible for his own Balance. No other human being can do it for you. You were born with the capability to do so. The Perakee Way teaches that to follow another man, for religious or philosophical reasons, is a total waste of time. The only way to find balance is to understand who and what you are.

You are ENERGY! You are a combination of Earth Energy (the physical body) and Life Force! The maelstrom of currents flowing through you as a result of the these two great energies are the Red, Blue, and Yellow Energies of Man! The configuration of these energies within you is a direct result of where your energy was drawn from the Well at the exact moment of the Pierce of the Earth Arrow!

No two human beings are exactly alike. Therefor no one else can tell you how to balance your own energies. They are too busy trying to unravel their own. Simple. So very, very simple.

Once the Red and Blue Energies stop fighting, when the struggle between Desire and Reason calms down, and they begin working together, the Yellow Energies begin to rise. They were there all along, but could not be heard above the din. And as you come to understand these Instincts, these Racial Memories of Man, you will come to an understanding that is beyond normal comprehension. You will be amazed and held in awe by what comes from deep inside of you. Some of you may become frightened and run away.

If you are a deeply religious man, you may begin to feel that God is talking directly to you. You may exclaim, "Wow! I am a Chosen One! I am sooooo blessed!" No, you are not, you are simply becoming balanced.

You may scream, "Something is telling me that all I ever knew to be true is wrong! But I KNOW the Truth already! This thing must be Satan!" No, it is not, you are simply becoming balanced.

If you happen to belong to a Mystery School, you may feel that you have been contacted by the Ascended Masters directly, and brag, "Wow! I know the secrets of the Universe! I am now a Master!" No, you are not, you are simply becoming balanced.

I am not saying religions are all bad. Far from it. There is much good that has come out of them. You simply cannot find balance by following them. But, once you do find balance, you will find that all the things the Avatars have said are self-evident!

And, once you find balance, your true journey begins!


Maturity may be the closest word in the English language that describes what the Perakee called Balancing the Energies. Young people, while learning to deal with the powerful forces that push to the surface from deep inside, those of their peers, and those of society at large, go through tremendous struggles with often hilarious, and sometimes tragic, consequences. Though there are priests and psychologists to counsel us and police working overtime to keep us within the rigid bounds dictated by Law, Experience is truly the only gauge we have. By and large, most of us have no idea whether we did the right thing until after the smoke clears and we take stock of ourselves.

"It's all fun and games til you lose an eye!" - an old hillbilly saying

Learning to meet their own needs and control their own emotions in a socially accepted manner within the framework of their particular society is perhaps the greatest accomplishment most individuals ever achieve. At least then they will be left alone to live as they wish, with happiness and misery being the accidental byproducts of the choices they make.

Each of us makes decisions based on evidence at hand;
Only later, upon reflection, does guilt come creeping in.
(Excerpt from WHAT WE HAVE DONE)

But Balancing the Energies implies more than just a haphazard way of learning how to use our energies correctly. Each of us is different. Therefore, there is no simple program of How To Balance Your Energies In Three Easy Steps. Only you know how you are wired. Only you know which Energies push and pull you the strongest. Only you know which ones cause you to negatively impact on your fellow Man. Only you can understand you. Only you can balance you!

The proper use of the Energies of Man is as follows:

1) The Yellow Energies let us know when something needs to be done to ensure the continued safe survival of the Self.

2) The Blue Energies are our understanding of our options.

3) The Red Energies dictate which of the options we will choose.

The Yellow Energies are on constant surveillance, always monitoring the body and surroundings, perpetually alert to danger. As long as the basic needs of Breath, Thirst, Hunger, Sleep, Shelter, Pleasure, and Procreation are being, or have been, met, they are silent.

But the moment something appears to threaten our continued survival, we are alerted!

When something interferes with our breathing we are signaled ASAP. All smells, because they are caused by alien substances mixed with our oxygen supply, signal our immediate attention, to be cataloged and dismissed as of no danger, investigated to ascertain the risk, or cause our fight-or-flight response to be triggered.

Thirst, Hunger, Shelter, and Sleep do not usually cause such an immediate response, nevertheless, those needs are brought to our conscious awareness and demand that we take care of them before they become critical.

Pleasure, like Breathing, is an ongoing monitoring of our body and environment. If something causes us pain, we stop whatever we are doing and attempt to remove the source of the pain. If we do something and it causes us discomfort, we learn not to do it again. If potential sources of pain are detected, such as a car or forest fire headed our way, we attempt to remove ourselves from the danger zone.

Procreation implies far more than just having babies. This energy could be called Survival of the Species. In order to ensure the survival of our children and children's children, Man knows that he must take care of the planet. He knows that he must ensure the survival of all plants and animals that we use as food. And Man instinctively knows that all things upon the Earth, both organic and inorganic, are interconnected. One thing cannot survive without the survival of all others. Therefore, it can be seen that this energy is not only the motivating factor behind all medicine, science, and government, but also agriculture and conservation as well. Man is constantly seeking ways for us all to exist together in harmony

The Red and Blue Energies are, or should be, tools of the Yellow Energies.

Once the Yellow Energies signal that one of our basic needs is seeking attention, the Blue Energies begin to outline the options we can take to fulfill that need. The tools used to carry out this task are Negotiation, Reasoning, Understanding, Knowledge, Logic, Compromise, and Utility.

As each option is identified, the Red Energies make a choice. They can either accept, decline, or wait and see what else is available before making a selection. The tools used to make these choices are Domination, Dominion, Battle, Drive, Propriety, Order, and Imagination.

Perhaps an example of this sequence of actions will help to make this clearer. Let's choose a common experience that we have all had many times:

A guy gets hungry. His immediate options are 1) stop whatever he is doing and go eat right now, or 2) wait until a more auspicious time. Once the choice is made to eat now, the options are, possibly,: 1) eat something that is available in this place; 2) go over to Mom's house and see what she has in the refrigerator; 3) go to a restaurant and pay to have something prepared; and 4) go out and kill or catch something to eat. The guy, for whatever reason, chooses option number one. The options then are to look in the refrigerator for leftovers, or look in the pantry to see what he can prepare for himself. He chooses to look in the refrigerator first. His options then are leftover lasagna, or frozen chicken breasts. He chooses to not spend the hour it would take to fry the chicken, and the lasagna looks like something left over from last year's Halloween haunted house. So he looks in the pantry. He sees a can of Spam, a dozen bags of Ramon noodles, a box of Minute Rice, and a can of cocoa. "Hmmmm, I think I'll go to a restaurant after all!" At that point the process starts all over again. He has to look at his options for reaching the restaurant (walking, driving, calling a taxi, riding a bicycle, etc), and then he must choose a place to eat, and then he must choose from the menu what to eat.

(Boy! It isn't easy being human!)

However, most of these choices are automatic, having become routine over the years, and so very little energy is expended on the sequence of events needed to satisfy Hunger. The options may change from person to person, from culture to culture, but the process is the same. A filthy rich person may have his maid prepare escargot or pickled duck fetus. An aborigine may have as his only options to eat either grub worms or grasshoppers. A homeless person may have no options at all: eat whatever he can find in a garbage can or die......

I think deep down inside you know exactly what I am talking about. Man's first priority is to stay alive. Without Life Force, nothing makes sense: the fun ends, the machine goes to tilt, game over. The Yellow Energies are the things Man instinctively does to stay alive: Breath, Drink (water), Eat, Sleep, Shelter, Pleasure, and Procreation. Pleasure, in this sense, is to steer away from things that cause pain, that can eventually lead to death. And Procreation is to survive vicariously through our children.

Animals do these things purely by instinct, though they have developed rudimentary Blues. You see a dog, for example, figure out how to get up on the table and get food. He remembers things that cause him pain, and figures out how to avoid those things. The Blue Energies are just beginning to rise in the animals: Negotiation, Reasoning, Understanding, Knowledge, Logic, Compromise, and Utility.

"A cat will not jump on a hot stove twice. He won't jump on a cold one neither!" - Mark Twain

Only Man has developed a third type of interacting with the world. The Perakee called this the Red Energies of Man, the Emotions, the Lunar Qualities. They have absolutely nothing to do with survival. They make absolutely no sense to Logic or Reason. You and I both could sit down and list literally thousands of things that are so illogical that they would be comical if Man did not take them so seriously: War, TV, religion, wearing clothes in summertime, shaving, perfume, politics, arbitrary lines on the earth called 'national boundaries', bathing suits, monogamy, golf, dancing, alcohol, drugs, smoking, Kool-Aid, pro football, the list is endless.

But the fact of the matter is that most of these things lead to a shortening of life, THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE INSTINCTS!!!

Why? Why do we do these things?

The Yellow energies are the basic instincts of Man. They are the common drive we all have and are behind all our behavior, ultimately. They are the things we HAVE to do to stay alive. Everything else, after all, is mox nix, bullshit, wasted energy, in the long run.

Once the Yellow Energies dictate a necessary action, the Blue Energies offer the alternatives. They constantly seek better and improved ways to meet our basic needs.

Once the alternatives are laid out for us, the Red Energies choose a course of action. Simple, so very simple.

But it is our CHOICES that make or break our world! It is our CHOICES today that dictate our tomorrow! If we were to make all choices based on Logic and Reason, we would probably have a better world. Unfortunately most of Man's choices are made based on something other than Logic. We choose what we think will make us look better in the eyes of our fellow man, family, friends, society. We choose according to the seeming dictates of an outside, higher authority. We let our peers choose for us. We let the rigid bounds of our society narrow our choices down to a very few.

Rather than letting our own energies draw logical and rational conclusions to the input of data from our daily world, we blindly follow a dogma of laws, morals, philosophies, and religious dictates laid down for us by people we don't even know, much less give a damn about, or give a damn about us. And those dictates are seemingly designed to lead us to make decisions that are bound to end in failure.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." That is basically, all the religion, law and morality there really is anyway. Whatever you want to do in life, you can find a country, religion, or philosophy that justifies you to do whatever it is that you want to do.

Ultimately we are our own judge and jury, our own god, our own policeman, our own savior, our own whatever you want to name.


I have said that the Red and Blue Energies fighting over who controls the Yellow Energies is like two countries fighting over who owns the Earth. No matter who wins the asinine struggle for superiority, the Earth will still spin on its axis, and will continue to revolve around the Sun.

But what will the Earth be after the fight? Will it continue to be a green and blue ball, in all its pristine beauty, with all its life forms happily frolicking to and fro? Will it be a burnt ember, with charred flesh putrefying in the sunlight? Will a higher race some day discover it and bring its children here to enjoy family vacations? Or will some alien pass within a few light years and exclaim, "What is that odor? It smells like somebody took a dump in a bowl of lasagna!"

In the same way, when the Armageddon that goes on inside each of us is over, what will our Self be like? If the struggle comes to a peaceful conclusion, then happiness and peace on Earth will reign inside each of us. All our Energies will honor each other and share the workload, each according to its own ability.

But if the Blue Energies win, they will become a tyrant that controls with an iron hand the Emotions and the Instincts, and the individual's world will become cold, gray, and cheerless. And if the Red Energies win, they will become a tyrant that controls with an iron hand the Reason and Instincts, society living only for the fulfillment of Desire. Reason and Rationality will be ruthlessly suppressed.

You have only to look around the world today to see what I am talking about. There is a terrible conflict going on right now between the Blue Energy of Science and the Red Energy of Religion!

I called my grandfather into question when he asserted that religion was just a by-product of human desire, and he assured me that it is so. "No matter what you want to do in life, you can find a religion, sect, denomination, cult, or philosophy that will cater to it!" If you want to run around naked, join a group of Pagans. If you want to murder, join a Satanic cult that advocates human sacrifice. From child molesting to polygamy, from blowing up innocent people to self mutilation, from slavery to ritual orgies, you can find others who rationalize and justify your longings. A Christian who beats his children will say, "Spare the rod and spoil the child!" A Buddhist who likes to steal will say, "Buddha provides!"

When the Blue or Red Energy wins the conflict and begins to strangle the Yellow Energies and force them into slavery to fulfill the desires of the their master, the Yellow Energies continue to do what they were designed to do --- keep the organism alive --- but they have to struggle mightily to fulfill that task, often against the wishes of the Tyrant in charge!

As a direct result of the mixing with the Red and Blue Energies, the Yellow Energies evolve into entirely new life forms, sometimes with hilarious results and sometimes with hideous consequences. The Yellow Energies are no longer satisfied with the basics of sustenance ---Oxygen, Water, Nourishment, Sleep, Shelter, Pleasure, and Procreation. They demand more, much more. And the multi billion dollar industries built to satisfy these hybrid energies have led the world to the brink of destruction.

Religionists and philosophers have been aware of this phenomenon since Man rose out of the swamps. The Catholic Church called them the SALIGIA: the Seven Deadly Sins--- gluttony, fornication, avarice, sorrow, anger, discouragement, vanity, and pride. All other religions and philosophies have addressed these strange and powerful tendencies of Man to become more than animal. They have been blamed and praised for all of Man's downfalls and achievements.

These hybrid energies have been cursed and laughed at, studied and rejected, used and neglected, but they have never been understood. They are real. They are not the result of some supernatural or alien influence. They are not evil. They cannot be killed, or controlled by religion or law, or governments or police forces. If suppressed, they will manifest themselves in weird ways beyond our comprehension.

It is the contention of the Perakee Way that they are a natural consequence of evolution. And the only way we can overcome them is to understand them, love them as a natural part of ourselves, and ultimately figure out ways to satisfy them without destroying ourselves in the process.

In Nature, the elements have come to band together in ever new and complex ways. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, a whole new substance, for example. Though there are only around one hundred elements identified, they have combined to form literally millions of substances that make up our world.

In the exact same way, the 23 basic energies of Man have come to combine in ever increasing and complex ways to form entirely new energies.

Breathing not only demands its usual quantity of oxygen, but it must be mixed with pleasing smells, and has led to perfume, incense, soap, deodorant, air freshener, and air purification. Thirst has led to alcohol, Kool-Aid, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, flavored milk, tea, coffee, cocoa, and a forty-billion dollar bottled water industry. Hunger has led to cooked food, delicacies, confections, exotic foods, spices, processed foods, junk food, and variation in appetite. Shelter now demands we cover our bodies (simply for the sake of decency with its anti-nudity laws), high rise apartment complexes, expensive homes, air conditioning, central heating, and locked doors. Sleep is now a thing of luxury with clean sheets, soft mattresses, separate rooms for sleeping with pleasing color schemes, and a billion-dollar sleep aid industry. Pleasure now dictates a forty-hour work week, labor saving appliances in the home and work place, TV and movie industries, radio and music, the arts, and greed ( the more money you have, the more of life's pleasures you can afford!)

And Procreation has evolved into Orgation, the art of achieving as many orgasms as possible by whatever means available, with total disregard for its life bestowing properties. No one can even begin to guess how much money is spent by modern human society on Sex, from pornography to cosmetics to acquiring sexual services to various sex aids to the power of sexual suggestion used in advertising for selling everything imaginable. Sex has been described as the prime motivating factor behind all human activity. Its cost in human misery is mind-boggling --- child molesting, rape, homosexuality, broken and multiple marriages, abortion, dysfunctional families, genital enhancement quackery, slavery, mutilation, manipulation, the list could go on and on and on.

And Procreation has evolved into another, equally devastating aspect--- War! Survival of the species, from the point of view of the Red and Blue Energies, not only necessitates having children, but removal of all perceived threats to the children. Whether the perceived threat comes from religious fanaticism or geopolitical maneuvering, each tribe feels justified in attempting to eradicate the threat, regardless of how many of their brothers and sisters must die.

All these things, from air freshener to war, stem from imbalance within the individual. Will Mankind learn to separate out these facets of being human and go back to living according to his most basic instincts? Or will he figure out how to live in harmony with them without all the terrible squandering that is going on today?

Only time will tell. And that will depend on how much time we have left to do it in.